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China Spice teams up with Hybrid ConsulTech for food waste analysis and management

Hybrid ConsulTech, a provider of technology consulting and data analytics services, and China Spice a leading group of restaurants known for its commitment to quality and tradition, have announced a new collaboration on a groundbreaking project to tackle food waste, starting with ‘To Anamma Traditional Restaurant’.

This first engagement, which is co-funded by the iStars project, represents a significant step towards sustainable dining practices and waste reduction.

The initiative will see Hybrid ConsulTech implement a comprehensive food waste analysis framework at Anamma Traditional Restaurant. This advanced system will enable the restaurant to accurately measure and analyse food waste, providing critical insights into key areas of waste generation.

"We are excited to collaborate with Hybrid ConsulTech on this vital project," said Christos Avraam, Owner of China Spice group. "Reducing food waste is not only crucial for our environment but also beneficial for business efficiency and customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality. Together, we can make a significant impact."

"Our partnership with China Spice Group and To Anamma Traditional Restaurant demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative solutions to the food industry," said Monica Ioannidou Polemitis, Founder and CEO of Hybrid ConsulTech. "By leveraging our expertise in advanced data analytics, we aim to empower Anamma with the tools they need to identify and minimize food waste effectively."

For more information about this collaboration and Hybrid ConsulTech’s innovative solutions, please visit or contact Monica Ioannidou Polemitis at

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