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Transport Minister affirms commitment to public interest amid project disputes

Transport, Communications, and Works Minister Alexis Vafeades, stressed the government's firm stance against compromising the public interest in major infrastructure projects.

He was speaking on behalf of the President of the Republic at the 29th Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Federation of Building Contractors Associations (OSEOK).

Referring to delays and additional demands from contractors on large infrastructure projects, Vafeades asserted that the government will not yield to demands aimed at reducing the benefits owed to Cypriot citizens.

"Cyprus does not tolerate blackmail," he said, reiterating the President's position. "We do not accept changes to contracts that are damaging to the public interest, especially those that could be challenged in court. Essential contract terms must remain intact," he said.

He added that as the Government honours its commitments, “we expect our partners to do the same".

"We are excellent collaborators until we perceive a breach of public interest. At that point, we draw our lines, defend our rights, and exercise our legal entitlements," he said.

Vafeades made it clear that the government will not agree to pay contractors more money unless justified, even if it results in painful delays.

He also said that currently, 40 projects worth €862 million are underway, with the Department of Public Works planning significant roadworks.

"These figures are unprecedented for our country, and they will be realised through state funds and co-financing from the European Union," he noted.

He also said that his presence at the event, representing the President, reflects the government's commitment to continuous cooperation and its aim to support the construction sector, which plays a crucial role in economic growth and improving citizens' quality of life.

(Source: CNA)

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