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Visit Krypto at Reflect Festival: New Security Technologies & Effective Protection

Krypto, a leading provider of security services and products, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Reflect Festival, as well as its support as a Bronze Partner.

The Reflect Festival, which will take place on May 30-31 in Limassol, is the largest gathering of start-ups and pioneering technology organizations, investors and decision-makers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

"This presents an important opportunity for us to collaborate with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators as the Reflect Festival serves as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas, making it the ideal environment for Krypto to network with various professionals", said Krypto’s CEO Mr. George Georgiou.

Additionally, on the 1st day of the Festival, at 12.10pm, Mr. Georgiou together with the Co-CEO of Krypto Mr. Konstantinos Aristotelous and Mr. Marijo Kolovrat, Account Manager at Motorola Solutions with many years of experience and expertise in security technologies, will hold a discussion around the topic “What is Hot in security? These technologies are safeguarding Lives and Business”.

In an age where security threats are constantly evolving, the latest innovations in security technology play a critical role in safeguarding both residential and business environments. These developments not only enhance security but also ensure the smooth continuity of their operations, revolutionizing the way we protect our homes and businesses.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art surveillance systems with built-in high-definition video, night vision and advanced motion detection. Among other things, they will get to know smart cameras with AI technology and advanced sensors, integrated fire alarm and intruder detection solutions, as well as cloud access control systems. Also, they will familiarize themselves with the proactive capabilities of the above technologies related to detecting abnormal situations, integrating with smart home automation systems, and monitoring with real-time alerts ensuring a rapid response to any emergency.

The integration of these technologies transforms security protocols, providing improved protection and peace of mind. As threats evolve, so will the technologies do, ensuring that both residential and commercial facilities can operate continuously and securely.

Visit Krypto at Reflect Festival and discover how the latest, innovative security solutions can protect your business, home and people in an increasingly complex threat environment. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Krypto empowers everyone to effectively address evolving threats and protect their people and their most valuable assets.

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