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Chief Scientist of Cyprus meets with NASA JWST scientist

Chief Scientist of the Republic of Cyprus for Research, Innovation and Technology, Demetris Skourides has held a meeting with Dr. Alexandra Lockwood, NASA James Webb Space Telescope Scientist, in  Cyprus at the invitation of the United States Embassy in Nicosia.

During their meeting, which took place on 21 May, Skourides presented the work of the Research and Innovation ecosystem of Cyprus, while making special reference to the 2022 - 2027 Space Strategy of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

He underlined that Cyprus' geographical position favors the further development of the ecosystem in the space sector, which currently consists of about 50 unique entities, including 33 companies with research activities in robotics, earth observation and navigation systems.

Dr. Lockwood informed the Chief Scientist on the capabilities of the James Webb Space Telescope and the features it offers to humanity, enhancing the ecosystem. She also said that NASA is investing in Artificial Intelligence, creating the position of Chief AI Officer to lead efforts in the field.

Skourides referred to the important role of artificial intelligence in the search for exoplanets and gravitational waves, since the process can be significantly simplified with the use of new technologies.

(Source: CNA)

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