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From Global to Local: Isystems Group's Strategic Move into Cyprus

In April 2024, Isystems Group, a global business software consultancy, announced the opening of its office in Cyprus, marking a new milestone in the company's international expansion.

As guests conversed and shared thoughts during the company’s welcome event, it became clear that Isystems Group's move into Cyprus presents significant potential for collaboration and advancement in the local technology sector.

What are Isystems Group’s plans, and how will the local business ecosystem benefit from the company's extensive experience and know-how based on projects in more than 55 markets? Marinos Angelides, a seasoned IT professional with many years of experience leading various digital transformation projects for numerous companies, shared the answers with us.

What makes Cyprus a strategic location for Isystems' new office?

Cyprus has been selected for many reasons, but let’s focus on the main ones. Great efforts have been made to turn our country into a regional tech hub. This creates fertile ground for us to expand and eventually contribute to achieving this goal. Additionally, situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is a natural gateway for international business. Its proximity to these continents facilitates trade, investment, and connectivity, revealing tremendous business opportunities.

Which business sectors will the Cyprus office focus on?

Isystems' portfolio consists of out-of-the-box products for various industries and specific business needs. We have delivered over 500 business software implementation projects for companies from nearly every business sector. This means that our focus in Cyprus will not be limited to specific industries but will aim to meet the needs of the local business landscape.

Our analysis so far has identified the following industries: automotive, retail, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and professional services. Additionally, we are ready to embark on a digital transformation journey with any company that aims to strengthen market positions and adapt innovations such as specific business software applications tailored to their needs, artificial intelligence, business intelligence platforms, etc.


You have been working with local companies for quite some time. Who are your main clients in Cyprus, and what industries do they represent?

Yes, we have been actively engaged in the Cyprus market. We have been supporting local companies in their digitalization efforts for the past eight years. Among our customers are companies within the CTC group, such as Argosy and Cassandra in the wholesale and distribution sector, the Voici La Mode group of companies with Marks & Spencer, Celio, Sfera, and more in the retail sector, and Unicars Ltd in the automotive industry, representing vehicles of the VAG Group (Audi, Volkswagen), and others.

What are the initial plans regarding business development and regional expansion in Cyprus?

We are currently building a strong local team, tapping into the skilled yet limited local talent pool. At the same time, we are re-establishing our presence by participating in or leading some of the “hottest” projects in the market.

What is your vision for building the local team?

We want to attract talent by demonstrating our strengths both in terms of our professionalism and our commitment to our people. Following that, we will start deploying our people-centered practices, which involve setting clear goals and expectations, providing growth opportunities, and emphasizing work-life balance. I strongly believe in the importance of the latter so that team members have something to look forward to.

Encouraging collaboration and teamwork among team members is another key factor I consider very important. Fostering an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing knowledge, supporting each other, and working together to achieve common objectives is ideal for me. As the team leader, I embody the values and behaviors I wish to see in my team. I am always approachable, supportive, and committed to the team's success.

What do you think will be the added value that Isystems Group's international experience and know-how will bring to the local market?

Professionals with international exposure always bring fresh perspectives and a global mindset. They can introduce innovative ideas and alternative approaches to problem-solving, enriching the local business landscape. Also, their experience provides first-hand knowledge of different markets, consumer behaviors, and industry trends. This insight can inform local strategies, product development, and market positioning.

Additionally, business software consultants who have worked across borders develop cultural sensitivity and adaptability. They understand nuances in communication, negotiation, and collaboration, which are essential for successful interactions in a diverse market.

One of the most valued perspectives is that professionals with global exposure build extensive networks. These connections can facilitate partnerships, collaborations, and access to resources from other regions. An international perspective makes professionals more competitive in a rapidly evolving market. In summary, integrating international expertise into the local market enriches business practices, fosters growth, and positions organizations for success in an interconnected world.

What particular skill differentiates you from competitors in the Cyprus market?

Our main competitive advantage comes from our extended international team of certified professionals who have implemented business software projects worldwide. My colleagues constantly develop their knowledge and skills by going through various courses and trainings, achieving official Microsoft certifications. Additionally, we leverage collective expertise from the 500+ projects we have deployed internationally. Utilizing this knowledge, our consultants confidently offer our customers software solutions and can deliver both generic and bespoke implementations in various markets and business segments.


What are some key challenges and opportunities for the digital landscape in Cyprus?

In general, the tech industry in Cyprus faces several challenges that require innovative approaches. First, there is a significant shortage of skilled IT personnel, which is always a challenge for companies looking to expand their digital capabilities. On the other side, organizations need help navigating the digital transformation process, and despite the growing trend, there are still challenges in fully embracing cloud technologies.

However, I am rather an optimist. The government has implemented strategic measures to promote tech growth, incentivizing customers and vendors to start their digitalization journeys. Furthermore, Cyprus offers a vibrant and secure environment for tech start-ups to flourish, creating fresh opportunities to implement high-tech solutions. Additionally, infrastructure advancements such as broadband and 5G rollouts are enhancing connectivity, which fosters further innovation and growth in the industry.

About Isystems Group

Isystems Group is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, specializing in designing, implementing, and supporting business software applications in companies from various industries based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line. Isystems Group empowers over 500 organizations in 55+ countries worldwide to thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Isystems Group is a preferred digital transformation partner for companies in retail, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, automotive, professional services, and more. In 2024, the company made a strategic move by opening its latest office location in Nicosia, Cyprus, looking for new partnerships and to bring value to all businesses in the local dynamic market.

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