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In a world of constant motion, today’s businesses must be pioneers

Plan your future growth and sustainability today.

The digital era ushered in a now-established common frame of action for businesses that wish to remain competitive. In an ever-changing landscape, client demands and employee expectations re-adapt to align with new types of workspaces, working times, and emerging types of employment. Α well-planned technology strategy is a prerequisite to fulfilling the requirements of the digital era. This is especially true when discussing the need for instant communication and interaction between humans and computers, which accelerates and simplifies workflow.


Productivity as a function of Agility and Foresight

Many companies are choosing to transition to the digital era by employing innovative technologies in mobility, data analysis, cloud-based communication, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Their end goal is to automate their operations, reduce workload, increase productivity, and minimise the risk of human error. This high level of expertise allows product and service diversification, which allows companies to respond to client and employee needs with robust technology and consistent interpersonal communication.

Digital era connectivity is built around three main pylons: autonomy in the connection between humans and applications, secure and effective appliance interconnectivity, and productivity- and revenue-inducing innovation.


Communication as the tip of the spear

The establishment of flexible forms of employment has been shaping the work landscape, creating a need for communication at any moment and from any place. In a world constantly in motion, today’s businesses harness cloud-based technology to store data and access online tools through any Internet-connected device without being limited to their physical resources. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Digital Age Communications (DAC) offers cost-effective and secure solutions that connect people, applications, and services and are tailored to your business's operational needs.

DAC uses the triptych of “digital environment—interconnectivity—specially designed cloud-based solutions” to create an optimal technology strategy that will lead your business towards digital transformation according to your business plan.


Transforming challenges into opportunities

Each new opportunity usually conceals its inherent challenges. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow communication platform combines user-friendly and effective collaboration tools that allow users to communicate via chat, voice, or video and easily share files. This solution can help you reap all the benefits of cloud-based technology while safeguarding your business against possible challenges or risks.

It is a time-saving solution that simplifies workflows and guarantees the integrity of your data by offering you, amongst others, services such as automatic transcription, intelligent routing, and speech-to-text analysis. Rainbow employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that enable interaction between computers and human language to achieve big data analysis and optimise work time, always focusing on ethical handling and respect for personal data. Content-based document classification, action point identification, and instant offering of real-time, valid insights are some of Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow's functions that enhance your business’ “toolbox”, paving the way for strategically planned moves and targeted services.

Of course, when we discuss cutting-edge technologies, people, clients, and employees remain at the centre of this discussion. Therefore, every solution provided by Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a by-product of their requirements, destined to meet their expectations through a beneficial interaction between human and artificial intelligence.



With more than 30 years of experience in the Technology Sector, NEDECO Electronics Ltd harnesses digital technology and expertise to optimise your company’s productivity with solutions that address the present and the future. From the public to the private sector, any organisation’s optimal operation depends on a thoughtfully designed infrastructure that connects people, applications and objects, allowing unobstructed communication and ceaseless data flow.

Having established credibility via demanding projects for esteemed clients, NEDECO Electronics Ltd always keeps up with the latest digital technology developments to enhance its clients’ toolboxes with more specialised, cost-effective and secure solutions. In a constantly evolving business landscape, NEDECO Electronics Ltd suggests and creates communication and networking services through a wide product range that includes phone systems, Internet equipment (LAN and WLAN), firewalls, multi-channel solutions, teleconference applications, automation systems, and more. With your future growth as its end goal, NEDECO Electronics Ltd offers you the most important operational tool: the ability to reorganise and readapt to maintain your competitive advantage.

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