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GOLD New Issue: The Shipping Forecast

In this month's issue of GOLD, available on Sunday, 19 May, we shine the spotlight on the maritime industry.

With the IMO 2030 climate agenda checkpoint looming on the horizon, the global maritime industry finds itself in a race against time to develop clean fuels, while the simmering cauldron of war poses a dire threat to the safety and stability of its workforce. At the same time, instances of harassment and bullying within the industry underscore the pressing need for shipping companies to accord mental health concerns the same gravity as seriously as physical safety. Furthermore, the ongoing digital transformation of the industry has also highlighted the imperative to reskill an estimated 800,000 workers, prompting scrutiny of the effectiveness of existing educational programmes in addressing the skills gap. Turning attention to the local industry, the inauguration of the One-Stop Shipping Centre by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping in 2023 has been lauded as a major achievement. Equally significant has been the establishment of the Advisory Committee for the Competitiveness and Quality Enhancement of the Cyprus Flag and the Advisory Committee for the Competitiveness of the Cyprus Maritime Cluster, which will provide consultation and bolster collaboration within the local maritime community. Nonetheless, the Deputy Ministry of Shipping still struggles with persistent understaffing challenges, hinting at broader issues that require immediate attention.

In this month’s issue of GOLD, we present invaluable expert insights into these topics and many more from key industry figures:

  • Arsenio Dominguez, IMO Secretary-General
  • Adina Vălean, European Commissioner of Transport
  • Karin Orsel, President of the European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA)
  • Emanuele Grimaldi, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
  • Marina Hadjimanolis, Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Shipping
  • Polys V. Hajioannou, Vice-President of the Cyprus Union of Shipowners
  • Thomas Kazakos, Director-General of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber
  • Themis Papadopoulos, Vice-President of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber
  • Natalia Bury Loyal, President of WISTA Cyprus

In addition to this and all GOLD’s regular features, this issue also includes exclusive interviews:

  • One Step at a Time - Marios Italos, founder and CEO of Intergo Telecom Ltd, explains why he has opted for slower but sustainable growth.
  • Strengthening Ties - George Xinaris, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Cyprus, on how relations with the Asian powerhouse could be expanded to the island’s economic and technological benefit.
  • Tales from the Grand Duchy - Luxembourg-based Georgia Paphiti, CFO EMEA at UBS, talks about the evolving role of the CFO, the value of cooperation and authentic leadership, and how she succeeded in asserting herself in a male-dominated arena.

Special Features

  • The Cyprus Maritime Cluster
  • Summer Vacation Accommodation in Cyprus

All this and more in Issue 158 of GOLD magazine, out on Sunday, 19 May. Click here to read the digital edition.

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