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Cyprus Deputy Minister proposes exchange of AI best practices on culture in EU (video)

Cyprus' Deputy Minister for Culture, Vasiliki Kassianidou, has said that there should be an exchange of best practices between EU member states on the use of artificial intelligence in the cultural and creative sectors.

She was speaking in an intervention during the 14 May second day of the EU Council of Education, Youth, Culture and Sport meeting, which took place in Brussels earlier this week, with the participation of Ministers responsible for culture, audiovisual issues and media.

Speaking during a discussion on the future of the cultural and creative sectors in the era of artificial intelligence,  Kassianidou said that Cyprus was designing an action plan to support the cultural sector using artificial intelligence, in cooperation with the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, and with academic institutions and centres of excellence.

She also stressed the importance of dialogue with the cultural and creative industries in order to identify needs and promote targeted policies. The Deputy Minister also noted that initiatives at national level are at an early stage, and suggested the exchange of good practices between EU member states.

Kassianidou underlined, furthermore, the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and personal data, recognising the potential of AI in the creative and cultural sector.

Earlier, the Ministers had an informal working breakfast, during which they discussed sustainable investments in the European audiovisual ecosystem, in view of the expected revision of the Audiovisual Services Directive.

On the evening of 13 May, the Deputy Minister participated in an informal working dinner for Ministers of Culture organised in Antwerp by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The Ministers were shown around the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Kassianidou pointed out the importance of enhancing the mobility of people working in the creative industries and of people carrying out research on cultural heritage, and referred to initiatives being implemented in Cyprus, such as the Cultural Youth Card.

(Source: CNA)

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Cyprus Deputy Minister proposes exchange of AI best practices on culture in EU (video)
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