Riana Raouna Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of Matete Martini 'Hug Each Other Again' in Nicosia

Riana Raouna Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Matete Martini in Cyprus titled 'Hug Each Other Again.'

The exhibition will take place from 23 May until 5 June, at 276 Ermou Street in Nicosia.

The exhibition debuts a new group of paintings on canvas, photographs, and drawings on paper, in which the physical and emotional need for intimacy is explored through the symbol of the hug. The embrace is examined as a vehicle with which we accept and understand each other, but also as a means of understanding ourselves.

The conceptual core of 'Hug Each Other Again' is based on the doctrine of French philosopher Maurice Merlau-Ponty which suggests that the body should be regarded not as a mere biological or physical unit, but as the body which structures one’s situation and experience within the world.

Matete Martini explores anatomy and skin; the relationship between the brain, the touch and emotion and reflects upon the primitive, profound gesture of the embrace through confident brushstrokes, fast lines, spray on canvas and deeply emotional photographic works. In the artist’s words, “The primal yearning for connection manifests most profoundly in the embrace - an enduring symbol of tranquillity and belonging that transcends the veneer of societal constructs and shatters any illusion that mere gestures or words may conjure.”

'Hug Each Other Again' also addresses the fragile notion of “home” which involves a complex set of tensions related to the possibility of making oneself feel safe and protected in contemporary society. The fact that the exhibition takes place in Nicosia, the only divided European capital, has particular significance; it tackles the symbolic lack of the embrace which creates a barrier that separates self and other, challenging viewers to reflect upon the need for acceptance and togetherness between people living within the same territory.

Riana Raouna explains, “We are delighted to be showing the solo exhibition of Matete Martini for the first time in Cyprus. This exhibition fulfils the gallery’s primary aim of introducing international emerging artists to the local audience and showcasing what is happening today in contemporary art. We are looking forward to welcoming art lovers from all over Cyprus.”

Opening: Thursday, 23 May, 7-10 pm

Duration & hours: 23 May - 5 June 2024, Monday-Sunday, 10 am - 2 pm & 3 – 7 pm

Address: 276 Ermou Street, 1016 Nicosia (opposite the Centre of Visual Arts & Research – Costas & Rita Severis Foundation)

For more information, please contact +357 22 462888, info@rianaraouna.com or visit www.rianaraouna.com.

About Matete Martini

Matete Martini, born in 1994 in Friuli-Italy, is a visionary artist whose journey through the realms of art, design, and culture has been nothing short of remarkable. Having earned a degree in Interior Design in Rome and an MA in Visual Culture from IUAV in Venice, Martini has cultivated a profound understanding of the intricacies of creative expression.

At the heart of Martini's mission lies “Future Young Talent”, an international workshop program she founded to nurture emerging artists. Through this platform, Martini strives to instill in young creatives the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of art, design, and architecture.

Currently, Martini is immersed in multiple projects that span across artistic disciplines, from the vibrant strokes of painting to the captivating narratives of cinema. Her work transcends boundaries, intertwining elements of performance, sculpture, and glass design with a profound dedication to education.

Martini's artistic vision knows no boundaries, with her creations being showcased internationally. Recent exhibitions and projects include: Fino ad ora come allora, Baldinini, Milan (2024); Nonostante Marras, Milan (2023); Matete Martini: Il Lavavetri, Venice Glass Week (2023); Incurata, solo show, Venice Glass Week (2022); In Presence, Every Woman Biennial, London (2021); In Presence, Tube Culture Hall, Milan (2021); Razza Di Ambrosia, Aretè Showroom, Milan (2020); Worksbyfriends Pop-up International Women's Day, Ludlow House, New York (2019); Lacuna, Sotto Sale Projects, London (2019); VeniceLands Art Price, Arsenale Roncade, Venice (2019).

About RIANA RAOUNA Gallery

Founded by Riana Raouna, who is a Contemporary Art Specialist and a Distinction holder of an MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art, London. The gallery focuses on emerging contemporary artists who represent some of the most promising names internationally. Riana Raouna provides art advisory services to new and experienced collectors.

The gallery currently features 14 emerging artists and provides online access to their work at www.rianaraouna.com . In addition to the online presence, the gallery holds exhibitions in physical spaces on a regular basis.

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