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TheSoul Publishing launches music promotion and monetisation service

Digital content studio TheSoul Publishing has launched TheSoul Sound, a music promotion and monetisation service.

Musicians can upload tracks to be featured in a curated library, from which influencers and creators on video platforms select music for their projects.

TheSoul Sound also distributes new tracks to more than 150 music and streaming platforms. Musicians pay no upfront cost and receive an equal revenue share.

Additionally, TheSoul Sound has a ‘guaranteed reach’ feature, whereby music is promoted until it achieves an ordered amount of views.

TheSoul Publishing has a reach of more than two billion subscribers. The viral Busy Bee track from TheSoul Music label received three billion streams on YouTube.

"Our mission with TheSoul Sound is to ensure every musician and creator gets paid for their talent," said Andrejs Lihvars, head of music at TheSoul Publishing. "By working in parallel with traditional barriers, we've built a platform where artists can easily monetise their music, ensure their work is heard, and build a dedicated fan base. Creators can access an extensive library of tracks, ensuring everyone's work is valued."

For creators online the platform is updated weekly and has a library curated by artist relations managers and AI.

TheSoul Sound includes Shorts Pay+, a feature where creators earn money for every view, providing guaranteed revenue for content featuring TheSoul Sound’s tracks; and creator competitions with prize pools for video creators, encouraging creative use of TheSoul Sound’s music library.

TheSoul Sound’s library is available to established creators who have at least 30 million monthly views on Shorts.

"The music promotion landscape is transforming," Lihvars added. "TheSoul Sound is at the forefront, combining traditional label tools with the power of independent influencers and digital platforms to achieve better results for artists. Our service is a digital megaphone, driving artists' music onto the global stage."

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