John Malkovich in Cyprus for Open Talk this week

The Cyprus International Theatre Festival, launching for the first time this year, will present “Open Talk with John Malkovich: Art, Culture and the Economy”, which will take place on 16 May at the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) in Nicosia.

The world-renowned actor, Oscar nominee, and recipient of many prestigious awards will talk with Alexander Weinstein between 12pm and 13:30pm, with an open talk with attendees to follow.

There are limited seats available. To participate click here.


The Cyprus International Theatre Festival (CITF) is an ambitious theatrical project that aims to present the biggest names in the world of theatre, from Germany, Israel, Cyprus, the USA and more.


CITF is organised by Alexander Weinstein, film and theater producer and head of the Theater Academy based in Cyprus. He also runs the international theater and art events company, Miss Air Productions.


CITF is supported by Marfields Group, a premium poject developer, which built the first branded The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Cyprus. Supported by: Grand Resort & NYX Hotel by Leonardo, Cyprus Sotheby’s International Realty, Real Onyx Development Group and Studio Christine Kalia.


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