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The stakeholders’ view of the 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit (video)

The 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit that was held recently in Limassol provided an excellent opportunity for companies wishing to relocate to Cyprus or set up business here to network, exchange ideas and explore new business perspectives and opportunities.

And the Summit was a huge success, as agreed by some of the main stakeholders who spoke to CBN after. Here are some of their key takeaways (full video below):


Invest Cyprus Chairman Evgenios Evgeniou: “Cyprus offers a package that makes these companies want to come here and bring their employees. And I think this is the most important aspect.”


Niki Ioannou-Chandriotou, Head of Sales, Customer Care, Marketing & Communication, Cyta Business: “By 2025, we’ll be the first country in the EU to have 100% population coverage in 5G and Fibre so that means that all the companies that are coming to relocate or open their businesses in Cyprus, they can operate from wherever they want and have high-speed, quality internet access so that they can work and do their business.”


Demetris Skourides, Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology, talking of the attendees at the event: “The presence of entrepreneurs and stakeholders from abroad in conjunction with stakeholders from Cyprus can create value, synergies and help streamline future collaboration.”


Haris Pistos, Director International Banking, Bank of Cyprus: “At Bank of Cyprus we are committed to support the technology sector in Cyprus, and we are committed to support technology companies relocating to Cyprus."


Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Executive Vice President, Energame: “There are many flexibilities nowadays because the private sector and public sector are working together. So things like corporate taxation, immigration, relocation of people, they started to be much more flexible. So all these things, with the banking sector being very cooperative nowadays, I think this is what makes these companies think of making Cyprus their home.”


Pangratios P. Vanezis, Board Member, KPMG Ltd: “I’m amazed by the panels that were here today. I think they did an excellent job of showcasing why Cyprus, and why we have the necessary ingredients for a very robust and energetic effect.”

Watch the full video below:

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