ambiance & Co’s Emilia Hadjicosti talks about interior architecture, sources of inspiration and her plans for the future

Emilia Hadjicosti draws inspiration from the sleek, contemporary style of Italy and particularly Milan, the city where she spent her student years at Istituto Superiore Architettura di Interni.

Founder of ambiance & Co in Nicosia, Emilia has been operating in the architectural design sector for more than 20 years, showcasing and delivering the very best in style, quality and service to a long list of discerning clientele.

Fascinated about contemporary design and luxury living, Emilia talks about the trends in design and her devoted commitment to making her clients’ homes a desired and unique sanctuary, infusing her own artful style and passion.


What are the main activities of your company?

Since we opened our doors more than 20 years ago, our purpose has remained unchanged. To present the best in terms of style, quality and service, while sharing our passion for contemporary architectural design and luxury living with our clients. Whether we are working on a private residence, a business or a recreational project, crafting an authentic outcome remains a guiding torch for me and my team, prompting us to utilise pioneering and innovative ideas and solutions. As part of our commitment to provide the right products and services, we have established partnerships, creating close ties with many leading designers abroad and with modern brands that share the same ethos as us in providing the necessary elements that define modern and quality lifestyle.

What is the philosophy behind your business?

Our philosophy is that each of us has the right to a beautiful lifestyle and our goal is to continue to lead design forward, so as to highlight homes with taste and elegant style. We create ideal spaces, according to the needs of our clients. Design trends change, they come and go. But style and class remain intact. From the beginning, I was inspired by the creation of elegant yet functional spaces, in which modern comforts can be harmoniously combined with a refined atmosphere. In a minimalist space, everything should serve a purpose. Neutral colours, clean lines, and simple shapes are always dynamic and at the same time, so well balanced and relaxing. Our biggest satisfaction is when we deliver the final product, and we see the delight in our clients’ eyes. That’s moment of happiness is always overwhelming.


Why is interior architecture so interesting to you?

Interior architecture is very interesting because it allows individuals to creatively transform spaces, reflecting their personalities and needs, while also enhancing functionality and aesthetics. I believe that the field of architectural design in general is very acceptive, enabling professionals to present their personal style in their work. I studied interior architecture in Milan, Italy, at the Istituto Superiore Architettura di Interni. Being in the capital of fashion and design, Milan, clearly had a great influence on me personally and on the quality of my work. Style is everywhere, not just in fashion. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.

How do you help clients move past their comfort zone?

By presenting a concept passionately. If you share how passionate you feel about a concept with your client, they will sense those feelings and will want to see that vision conceptualized. From the very beginning, we are next to our clients every step of the way, maintaining our client-focused philosophy and by utilising our ability to understand their needs and desires, we can provide answers to their dilemmas.

Where do you find inspiration from?

I tend to get inspiration from various places. Theatres, books, museums, opera houses. I love to observe how people interact within spaces. Travelling is also a major source of inspiration…


What is your favourite design item and why?

I love art and believe it’s worth to invest in it. Among my favourite design items is a painting by Alessandro Algardi, an Italian high-Baroque sculptor active almost exclusively in Rome. Algardi is most admired for his portrait busts that have great vivacity and dignity.

Which place that you visited recently had a big effect on you?

The quietly elegant city of Turin in Italy, also known as the international chocolate capital, awarded with Chocolate of Excellence for its world famous giandujotto, the first wrapped chocolate in history. Giandujotto was invented in 1865 and now represents the most celebrated specialty of Turin’s chocolate-making tradition with each chocolate being absolutely unique and regarded as a work of art.

What future goals do you have in mind?

My goal, which I am pursuing, is to create unique projects of elegance, originality, and inspiration in any city on the planet, leaving a lasting impression.


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