ISX Financial EU PLC announces record-breaking Q1 2024 earnings

ISX Financial EU PLC (ISXPlc) has presented its earnings for Q1 2024 and, building on the back of a record Q4 23, says it has delivered yet another record-breaking quarter.

According to a related press release from the company, the results mark "a continuation of its upward trajectory and solidifying its position as a leader in both 'banktech' and payment sectors."

ISX Financial EU Plc, CFO, Ajay Treon, commented, "This quarter's results are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. We remain committed to delivering value to our clients and stakeholders while driving innovation in the financial sector."

The press release also pointed out:

Robust Growth: The numbers speak volumes about ISXPlc's performance. ISXPlc's revenues soared to €13.4 million, marking an extraordinary 85% year-over-year increase.

Financial Strength: Maintaining a solid financial foundation is crucial for long-term success. With an EBITDA margin of 55%, ISXPlc demonstrates resilience and stability in the market.

Innovation Focus: Innovation is at the core of everything ISXPlc does. The commitment by ISXPlc to staying ahead of the curve is reflected in its investment of €0.6 million in Research and Development during Q1. These investments fuel the development of customer-centric solutions and position ISXPlc as a pioneer in technological advancements within the industry.

Future Outlook: As ISXPlc looks towards the future, its sights are set on even greater achievements. In 2024, ISXPlc aims to surpass €45 million in revenue while maintaining a robust EBITDA/profitability margin within the 25-35% range. 

"We anticipate continued, stable growth across the year, as we aim towards our €45m annual revenue target. ISXPlc is also in beta release for some exciting new products, that will further drive revenue growth and customer acquisition," said ISX Financial EU Plc CEO, Nikogiannis Karantzis, adding, "Strong results in 1H2024 will underpin a possible listing event later during the year."

You can view the full ISX Financial EU PLC Q1 2024 earnings through the link below:

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