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Olympios Toumazou on how the principles of the bedroom can also be applied to retail

The food retail trade is going through a period of intense transformation both internationally and in Cyprus.

The 21st Cyprus Grocery Retail Conference presented by Alphamega Hypermarkets hosted a very interesting speech by Olympios Toumazou, Executive Chairman of RAI Consultants Ltd.

According to Toumazou, love, or more specifically sexual relations, and retail use the same tools. In both cases there should be no exaggeration, he first said, then told the audience that "you should always develop and emphasise desire."

He called on retailers to further encourage impulse buying, which is achieved through strategically placed products, limited-time promotions and streamlining the online shopping process.

Successful retailers are those that take advantage of the emotional and spontaneous aspect of consumer decision-making, he commented.

To succeed in the field, one needs to constantly pursue the consumer’s attraction to the product, he said next, while among his valuable tips was the pursuit of innovation and variety.

Special mention was made of influencer marketing and how it has evolved over the years.

Among Toumazou’s recommendations for success in the field were the creation of sensory stimulation, loyalty and constant communication with the consumer.

The 21st Cyprus Grocery Retail Conference was presented by Alphamega Hypermarkets.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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