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Marios Kyriakou: Darefore is designed to empower cyclists and triathletes to optimise their performance

Darefore, a revolutionary tech suite designed to empower cyclists and triathletes of all levels to optimise their performance, has officially launched. To mark the occasion, CEO and co-Founder Marios Kyriakou explains how Darefore works, how he came me up with the idea and what it took to set the business up.

Can you explain what Darefore is and what exactly it does to help cyclists and triathletes?

Darefore is a revolutionary tech suite designed to empower cyclists and triathletes of all levels to optimise their performance.

At the heart of Darefore is our smart position sensor, a tiny wearable that tracks your body position in real-time. Imagine having a coach whispering in your ear throughout your ride, guiding you towards a more aerodynamic and efficient position. That's the power of Darefore's mobile app. It receives data from the sensor and provides actionable feedback, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly.

But Darefore goes beyond simple feedback. Our online training platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for in-depth analysis. By combining position data with other metrics like power, cadence, and heart rate, you gain a holistic understanding of how your body position impacts your performance. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and develop a personalised training plan to achieve your cycling goals.


How did you come up with this innovative idea?

My personal journey into cycling and triathlon sparked the idea for Darefore. While focused on improving fitness and performance, I quickly realised the cycling industry neglected a crucial factor: cycling body position. It can be the biggest barrier to speed, with a cyclist's body generating significant aerodynamic drag. For instance, studies show that body position accounts for up to 70-80% of drag compared to bike configuration. That's where the opportunity arose. We combined my passion for cycling with the tech expertise of my team to create Darefore, a solution that leverages technology to address this gap in the market.

Last year, you told GOLD magazine that there was tangible interest in Daferore from the industry, particularly at the 2022 Dubai GITEX exhibition, where it created a few synergies. Can you reveal more about these synergies?

At GITEX 2022, we witnessed a strong industry interest in Darefore. This resulted in some exciting synergies that are propelling our growth. We connected with some big names in cycling industries which will allow us to identify and develop new features in the platform and to create essential accompanying apps. These collaborations are not only beneficial for Darefore but also for cyclists seeking to optimise their performance through a holistic approach. We have also participated at Eurobike 2023 and MWC 2024 where we had our first presales.

Do you think there is high demand for the sports performance-tracking industry? What are the most important trends currently?

Absolutely, there's a high demand for the sports performance tracking industry. The market is experiencing significant growth, driven by increasing public interest in health and fitness, along with the accessibility of advanced tracking tools. One of the key trends is the development of more sophisticated wearables that offer biomechanical analysis and real-time feedback.

Additionally, AI and data analytics are playing a crucial role in personalising training plans and providing deeper performance insights. Furthermore, the industry is moving towards a holistic approach, integrating data from various sources like Darefore's body position sensor to create a comprehensive picture of an athlete's performance. This aligns perfectly with Darefore's mission to empower cyclists and triathletes through a data-driven approach to optimising performance.

Last year you said the app was slated to go live within two years. So are you ahead of time?

We are excited to announce that Darefore is launching on the 25th of April 2024! This means cyclists can now order their Darefore sensor, download our Android app, and access the Darefore Hub and Connect IQ for Garmin Devices. This earlier launch allows cyclists to start optimising their performance and experiencing the benefits of Darefore's technology even sooner!

How easy was it to set up your business? What advice would you offer others interested in launching their own startup?

Setting up Darefore wasn't easy. We faced challenges in navigating legalities, securing funding, and building a strong team. However, these hurdles were overshadowed by the immense learning experience and the satisfaction of creating something innovative. One key learning was the importance of resilience. For instance, some designed features of the app had to be re-engineered to be more useful for the users. Also, we decided to develop the Garmin Connect IQ app to be connected with the Darefore sensor, since this will give us access to a bigger market.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice is to chase a business idea you're truly passionate about. Passion will fuel your drive during challenging times. Before diving in, ensure thorough market research to validate your idea. Building the right team is critical. Surround yourself with talented individuals who complement your skills. Remember, the startup journey is a continuous learning process. Embrace challenges, seek mentorship, and most importantly, never stop believing in your vision!

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