A total of 706,534 voters eligible to vote in upcoming local elections

The total number of voters eligible to vote in the upcoming local government authorities elections is 706,534, according to Chief Returning Officer Elikkos Elia.

Elia said the permanent electoral roll, which gives the right to vote in all elections, includes 568,608 Cypriot voters, of whom 837 are Turkish Cypriots, holders of Republic of Cyprus identity cards with an address in the free areas.

It is added that the breakdown of voters by district indicates 220,736 voters in the Nicosia district, including 143 Turkish Cypriots; 33,879 in Famagusta, including 8 Turkish Cypriots; 99,342 in Larnaca, including 249 Turkish Cypriots; 159,680 in Limassol, including 238 Turkish Cypriots; and 54,971 in Pafos, including 199 Turkish Cypriots.

Correspondingly, the special electoral list of European citizens for the Local Government Authorities Elections includes 21,640 voters, with a breakdown of these voters by district showing 4,048 voters in Nicosia, 2,669 in Famagusta, 2,525 in Larnaca, 3,123 in Limassol and 9,275 in Pafos.

It is added that the special electoral list of European citizens for the elections of Members of the European Parliament includes 13,017 voters, while the special electoral list for the elections of Members of the European Parliament includes 103,269 Turkish Cypriots, holders of identity cards of the Republic of Cyprus, who reside in areas where the government does not exercise effective control.

The Office of the Chief Returning Officer also reports that a total of 4,725 voters have registered and will vote in the European Parliament elections in one of the following cities abroad, where polling stations will be operating: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Komotini, Volos, Heraklion, Ioannina, London (Cyprus Community Centre and High Commission Building), Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Brussels.

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