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Yo2: Spearheading global design collaboration from Cyprus with "Touch of Dutch"

Yo2, the distinguished design editor based in Cyprus, is delighted to announce its instrumental role in orchestrating the "Touch of Dutch" initiative, a beacon of international collaboration showcased at the prominent Dutch store, Up To Do Good, located in Amsterdam airport.

This innovative project features the exceptional work of Dutch artist Nynke Tynagel, highlighting Yo2's global reach and its ability to bring together renowned artists and designers from around the world.

Through "Touch of Dutch," Yo2 has facilitated a creative partnership that marries Nynke Tynagel's unique design for the 'Elements / Air' wallpaper with the ethos of Side Dish Projects, creating a vibrant installation that speaks to the interconnectedness of art, design, and social good. This collaboration underscores Yo2's role as a global connector in the design world, leveraging its Cyprus-based operations to forge significant relationships and produce exquisite rugs and wallpapers that celebrate artistic excellence.

"Yo2 is proud to stand at the crossroads of global artistry and local initiative, showcasing the power of collaboration and the beauty of diverse design perspectives," said Theo Mallas, Brand Director at Yo2. "Our involvement in 'Touch of Dutch' is a testament to our mission to curate and share the world’s finest designs, bridging cultures and communities through our products. It highlights Cyprus's growing influence in the global design landscape, proving that meaningful international relationships can create impactful art and design projects."

"Touch of Dutch" not only elevates the space it inhabits but also celebrates the creative synergy between Yo2, Nynke Tynagel, and Side Dish Projects, setting a new benchmark for collaborative design endeavors. As Yo2 continues to expand its portfolio and partnerships, it remains committed to showcasing the talent of artists and designers on a global scale, all while championing the rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit of Cyprus.

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Yo2, a global editor of high-end wall coverings and rugs, carries the mission of transforming spaces, uniting visions: Yo2 is where the world's esteemed artists converge to redefine the essence of spaces. Each rug, each wallpaper, represents not just an element of decor but a cornerstone of aesthetic innovation. With Yo2, walls and floors become canvases of creativity and expression, fundamental to the structure yet boundless in imagination. Our extensive portfolio is a testament to our commitment to design excellence and our passion for bringing sophisticated, functional art into every home and facility. Join us in this artistic journey, where every piece tells a story, every design elevates a space, and every collaboration celebrates the collective vision of creators around the globe.

Transforming Spaces, Uniting Visions: At Yo2, every design is a story, every space a canvas, every collaboration a masterpiece.

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