The exciting life of John Christodoulou unfolds

He is characterised as a magnate with a golden heart. In his first major TV interview, John Christodoulou shares the chapters of his intriguing life.

The child that was forced to emigrate to England at the age of eight due to the Turkish invasion, managed to build the colossal "Yiannis Group" from scratch.

Despite his wealth, exceeding £2 billion, his character remains unchanged, and he never forgets his roots in the neighborhoods of Kaimakli and Sysklipos. He confesses his lasting connection to Cyprus, where he contributes significantly through the 'Yianis Christodoulou Foundation', focusing on young and vulnerable children to provide them with a better future.

Why did he leave school at 16 and how did he manage to go from earning just 25 pounds a week to employing thousands today? What principles and values does he instill in his children? What does he say about his friendships with prominent personalities and what are his plans for the future? And what does he say about his favorite team, Omonia?

This heartfelt reflection by John Christodoulou promises to be a noteworthy discussion.

The interview will air on Saturday, 20 April, at 18:35 on Alpha Cyprus.

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