'NĦMATA - The Common Thread' fashion show coming up

The International Women's Club of Cyprus and Art and Communication Department of Frederick University have collaborated to present the fashion show 'NĦMATA - The Common Thread,' at Larnaca Medieval Castle on 17 May.

All the garments to be shown were produced by the students and graduates of the BA programme in Fashion and Image Design, inspired by the traditional techniques and practices of Cyprus.


The participating students are Veronika Adamidou, Rafaela Argyrou, Agni Georgiou, Ariana Lindez Rimaite, Meida Mikalauskaite, Dimitra Parakeva and graduates Magda Apostolou, Savvas Kazantzis, Angela Michail, Dima Nikolaeva and Eirini Michael.


The event is due to begin at 7pm and proceeds will be for the benefit of displaced women and children through the Association of the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family or SPAVO therapeutic Education and Arts Program.


The fashion show is anticipated to be an evening filled with inspiration, bringing people together to shine a light on and uphold the rich fabric and handicrafts heritage of Cyprus through modern iterations created by this generation's upcoming fashion designers.


According to the event's organisers, the project has been in the works for more than a year and has been made possible with the dedicated hands and creative minds of the non-profit organization International Women's Club of Cyprus and the Arts and Communication Department of Frederick University.


Graduating fashion students and alumni of the fashion department of the university worked diligently to incorporate the beautiful inspirations derived from the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lefkara, Cyprus traditional costumes and other precious handicrafts which are uniquely Cypriot.


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