Frotcom: How companies can reduce fleet costs while increasing road safety

The European “Trucks & Bus” action week of inspections organized by Roadpol has been a valuable opportunity to highlight the importance of safety in the field of road transportation.

With the campaign ending on 25 February in Cyprus, a total of 688 trucks were inspected, resulting in the identification, and reporting of 852 traffic violations. Among these:

- 243 involved tachographs

- 44 involved speeding violations

- 13 involved exceeding driving time limits

- 47 involved worn tires, and

- 40 involved excessive or unsafe loads

In order to ensure the smooth operation of vehicles, the business community is seeking systems to improve fleet management. In this context, the intelligent fleet management system Frotcom offers a multitude of benefits for companies.

The implementation of technologies through systems like Frotcom is a significant step towards improving performance and safety in the road transportation sector. Major companies in the Cypriot market have already begun leveraging this technology with tangible benefits.

Benefits for Companies

The Frotcom system offers a range of capabilities that translate into practical benefits for companies, including:

- Remote tachograph download of the data without leaving your office

- Automatic alarms for speeding and other events

- Automatic analysis of tachograph data

- Tire pressure monitoring

- Access to other valuable data such as weight, through CANBus connection

Thanks to these and other additional features, companies can improve their performance, reduce fleet operating costs, and increase road safety. Furthermore, the implementation of these technologies demonstrates companies' commitment to compliance with legislation and maintaining high safety standards.

The future of road transportation is linked to the use of intelligent technologies. Companies investing in these solutions will have the advantage of increased competitiveness and improved performance.

For more information on how the award-winning fleet management system, Frotcom can benefit your business, contact a member of the team at 22002020 or visit the website at

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