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Kinanis LLC and VFTee launch The Digital Value Group

Kinanis LLC, a forward-looking law firm, and VFTee, a boutique technology firm, have announced the launch of The Digital Value Group (TDVG) Ltd.

TDVG is a dynamic new entity offering tailored IT advisory, technology solutions and application development services.

With a mission to support its clients in generating new value and achieving business optimisations, TDVG aims to offer a fresh perspective and strong delivery capabilities, built on a foundation of in-depth domain expertise, international experience, and a strong quality control and governance mind-set.

This strategic initiative represents a fusion of VFTee’s background in the enterprise-grade information technology space, with Kinanis LLC’s commitment to building expertise across multidisciplinary practices, including combining traditional legal services with Information Technology.

TDVG’s vision includes supporting the fast-paced digitalisation taking place across various industry segments and placing a strong emphasis in the legal firm sector and LegalTech. The organisation is ready to deliver impactful and secure solutions at speed, using unique methodologies and know-how, including a market-first specialisation in low-code software delivery.

To drive this initiative, Thrasos Thrasyvoulou has been appointed as the Managing Director of TDVG. Thrasyvoulou is an Information Technology professional with years of experience in senior managerial positions, including EMEA-wide Director roles with Oracle Corporation.

“We extend gratitude to our existing customers who have entrusted their business transformation to us,” Kinisis LLC said in a press release. “We also look forward to engaging with many more to-be success partners.”

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