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Why Cyprus is the best place for tech companies to relocate

Cyprus is fast emerging as a global nexus for technology and innovation, drawing attention worldwide with its strategic location, burgeoning business environment, and robust support infrastructure. The "2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit" represents a pivotal moment for tech companies considering expansion or relocation. Here's why this Mediterranean island is becoming the premier choice for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies across the globe.

Strategic Location

At the crossroads of three continents—Europe, Asia, and Africa—Cyprus offers a unique vantage point that is hard to replicate. This geographical advantage provides ICT companies with unparalleled access to diverse markets, facilitating easy entry and expansion across a wide range of economies. The island's EU membership further enhances its appeal, offering businesses a stable and secure gateway to European markets with the added bonus of a favourable time zone for global operations.

Thriving Business Atmosphere

Cyprus boasts a dynamic and welcoming business environment characterized by a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a competitive corporate tax regime. The government's proactive approach in fostering innovation through favourable policies, including tax incentives for startups and investors, positions Cyprus as a fertile ground for technological advancement and business growth. The local ecosystem is rich with networking opportunities, incubators, and accelerators designed to support companies at every stage of their journey.

Supportive Infrastructure

The country's investment in high-tech infrastructure caters to the demanding needs of the modern ICT company. With state-of-the-art telecommunications networks, reliable internet services, and a focus on cybersecurity, Cyprus ensures that businesses have the technological backbone they need to thrive. The island's commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices also offers companies the opportunity to align with green initiatives and reduce their carbon footprint.

The "2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit" is more than an event; it's a gateway to exploring the myriad opportunities that Cyprus presents to ICT companies looking to innovate, expand, or relocate. The summit will showcase the reasons why Cyprus is quickly becoming a top choice for global tech companies:

Insights: Gain valuable insights from industry leaders about navigating the business landscape in Cyprus.

Growth Strategies: Learn about the specific advantages Cyprus offers to ICT companies at different stages of growth, from startups to established enterprises.

Networking: Engage with leading tech companies, startups, and investors from around the world.

Join Us

We invite tech companies and innovators globally to join us at the 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech and Innovation Hub Summit that will take place on April 25-26 at the luxurious Parklane Resort and Spa in Limassol, Cyprus.

The event presents a special chance to explore why Cyprus is quickly becoming the top choice relocation destination for ICT companies globally. With its strategic positioning, thriving business atmosphere, and supportive infrastructure, Cyprus provides unmatched opportunities for companies at all stages of growth.

International participation

Attendance at the Cyprus Tech & Innovation Hub Summit is by invitation. Click here to submit your registration and interest to attend this prestigious event. All registration applications are subject to approval by the Organiser and will be reviewed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Attendance at the event will depend on availability of spaces and fulfillment of the target audience profile criteria.

For any queries and/or further information you might need, contact us via email at .

Local participation

This is a closed event where companies/ executives with offices in Cyprus can attend only as Sponsors/ Supporters.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Christopher Constantinou at 22505565 or via email at


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