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The 2nd Cyprus Global Tech & Innovation Summit Unveils the Path to a Digital Paradise

Dive into the heart of innovation and tech with the eagerly anticipated 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit. Set against the stunning backdrop of Cyprus, this summit, scheduled for Friday, 26 April 2024, promises an enriching agenda packed with insights, discussions, and networking opportunities designed to showcase Cyprus as a burgeoning epicenter of technological and innovative excellence.

Morning Sessions: Setting the Stage for Transformation

The day begins at 08:30 with registrations, swiftly moving to an energizing introduction by the Chairperson of the Summit, Marios Tannousis, CEO of Invest Cyprus. Tannousis will set the tone for a day of groundbreaking discussions and presentations aimed at delineating Cyprus's role in the global tech ecosystem.

Evgenios Evgeniou, Chairman of Invest Cyprus, delves into "Why Cyprus," presenting a high-level analysis of the island's investment landscape and highlighting sectors ripe for investment. This segment promises to elucidate the strategic advantages Cyprus offers as a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation.

The highlight of the morning, features Nicodemos Damianou, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, as he outlines the government's ambitious vision and policies under "Digital Cyprus." This pivotal presentation will reveal plans to propel Cyprus into a dynamic and competitive economy through research, scientific excellence, innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship.

Following Damianou, insights into the Cyprus Economy and Banking Sector, and a deep dive into the Cyprus R&I Ecosystem by Demetris Skourides, Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology, will further underscore Cyprus's readiness and commitment to fostering a vibrant tech and innovation landscape.

Mid-Morning Insights and Legal Frameworks

A Q&A session that will follow invites engagement and dialogue, paving the way for discussions on Cyprus Tax, showcasing the advantageous company, shareholder, and employee perspectives. The conversation then shifts to Cyprus's simple, robust, common-law based legal system, and the critical role of a robust IP regime as a catalyst for innovation, led by Pangratios P. Vanezis, Board Member at KPMG Limited.

Networking and Panel Discussion: Embracing Work-Life Bliss in Cyprus

After a networking coffee break, the summit resumes with a compelling panel discussion titled "Sunshine and Success - Embracing Work-Life Bliss in Cyprus". This session, coordinated by Marios Tannousis, will explore the myriad aspects of living and working in Cyprus, from educational excellence and luxury living to cost-effective elegance and pioneering infrastructure.

Panelists including Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Executive Vice President at Energame, and Niki Ioannou-Chandriotou, Head of Sales, Customer Care, Marketing & Communication at Cyta Business, will share their insights on making Cyprus a home that supports both professional success and personal bliss.

Join Us

This summit not only highlights Cyprus's potential as a global tech and innovation hub but also offers attendees a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and advantages available. Whether you're an investor, entrepreneur, or tech enthusiast, the 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit is an event that promises to inspire, inform, and invigorate your aspirations for the future.

Join us to witness the dawn of a new era for Cyprus, where technology, innovation, and quality of life converge to create unparalleled opportunities.

International participation

Attendance at the Cyprus Tech & Innovation Hub Summit is by invitation. Click here to submit your registration and interest to attend this prestigious event. All registration applications are subject to approval by the Organiser and will be reviewed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Attendance at the event will depend on availability of spaces and fulfillment of the target audience profile criteria.

For any queries and/or further information you might need, contact us via email at .

Local participation

This is a closed event where companies/ executives with offices in Cyprus can attend only as Sponsors/ Supporters.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Christopher Constantinou at 22505565 or via email at


Organiser: IMH

Knowledge Partner: Invest Cyprus

Strategic Telecom Partner: Cyta Business

Innovation Partner: Research & Innovation Foundation

Ecosystem Partner: TechIsland

Gold Sponsors: Bank of Cyprus, KPMG Cyprus

Silver Sponsors: Energame, Pafilia

Supporters: IMR, Island Private School

Official Media Sponsors: Cyprus Business News, Gold magazine, IFC Media, IN Business magazine

Contact number: 22 505 555

Email address:


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