CMMI holds community event to promote maritime cultural heritage in Ayia Napa

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) held a community event recently at the Thalassa Municipal Museum of Ayia Napa to promote maritime cultural heritage.



The community event was organised in the framework of the Cyprus Regional Development Project, a project that is funded and led by Honor Frost Foundation, the aim of which is to enhance regional capacity and to develop a more informed and integrated model for the protection, research, management and dissemination of maritime cultural heritage.



Locals from the Ayia Napa region were invited at the event to share their stories about the sea and how the seascape and landscape changed throughout the years, in an effort to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of the area and to explore how this information can be incorporated in efforts to understand and protect maritime cultural heritage, CMMI said on its LinkedIn.



“The community event gave us the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the area, understand the origin of local toponyms and listen to stories going back to almost 8 decades, linked to the usage of fishing, the sea and the coastline,” it added.

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