Ayia Napa Marina announces new ‘Vessel Check’ service

Ayia Napa Marina has developed a new service called ‘Vessel Check’ and which offers vessel owners a solution for regular control and updates on the condition of their vessels.

Through this preventive periodical service is offered to vessels which are berthed service, berthed vessels at the Marina are under continuous monitoring, ensuring they are always seaworthy and ready to use, a relevant announcement notes.


The proper function of a vessel’s electronic and mechanical parts is achieved through periodical check-ups and 24-hour monitoring via sensors. Check-ups are also granted to all the vital parts of a vessel, from its engine room to its electrical/electronic systems, the Marina’s announcement explains.

It goes on to say that the service can be provided in two ways, either through periodical physical check-ups on the vessel’s condition by members of the Marina’s boatyard team, or through 24-hour monitoring via sensors which are installed on the inside of the vessel and transmit information to the Marina’s control center in case of any malfunction.

“The new “Vessel Check” service, provided by our experienced and expertly trained staff in combination with the cutting-edge technology and premium infrastructure of Ayia Napa Marina, safeguards the provision of a holistic and high-quality service for the benefit of the Marina’s customers,” Costas Fitiris, Chief Marina Officer, commented.

The ‘Vessel Check’ service is currently being offered with a 40% discount on its starting price. “This launch pricing works as a way for vessel owners to get to know and familiarise themselves with the service’s significant benefits for vessels berthed at the Marina,” the announcement says.


In addition to ‘Vessel Check,’ meanwhile, Ayia Napa Marina offers a spectrum of holistic services for vessels which include:

- Hauling & Launching: Ayia Napa Marina features the largest travel hoist crane available in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, which can lift vessels that are up to 36 meters in length and up to 150 tons.

- Maintenance Docking: General inspection and maintenance service which includes repair or change of worn parts, pressure power wash, paintwork, motor maintenance, etc.

- Pressure Power Wash: Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean every surface of a vessel.

- Primer: Primer ensures a smoother, longer-lasting finish and provides an added layer of defense, safeguarding the vessel’s exterior from damage and deterioration.

- Antifouling: The application of a protective coating below the waterline is a vital method for maintaining a vessel’s appearance, performance, and structural integrity.

- Propeller Maintenance: Regular propeller maintenance prevents corrosion and damage issues to ensure a vessel’s optimal operation.

- Polishing: Polishing involves the creation of a smooth and shiny surface either by rubbing it manually or applying specialised chemical treatments.

- Stainless Steel or Wooden Surfaces Maintenance: By maintaining cleanliness, stainless steel and wooden surfaces can uphold their longevity and visual appeal.

- Freshwater Engine Flush: By running fresh water through the engine after each use, salt, debris, and contaminants are rinsed away, preventing corrosion.

- Replace or Clean Leather Upholsters

- Replace Zinc Anodes: A process that is essential for protecting a vessel from corrosion. Continuous protection is provided to the metallic components of the boat, extending their lifespan.

- Sand Blasting: Sandblasting is used to remove old paint and rust from a vessel's hull.

- Osmosis Treatment: Osmosis treatment involves removing the underwater gelcoat and thoroughly drying the hull to address issues like osmotic blistering.

- Propspeed Application: Propspeed application involves applying a specialised coating to metal parts below the waterline, which increases boat speed and fuel efficiency.

- Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repairs and Refinishing: Gelcoat and fiberglass repairs and refinishing address common berthing issues such as scratches.


Ayia Napa Marina is an official port of entry in the Republic of Cyprus and the first ISO 13687-1-certified marina on the island. It has been Blue Flag-awarded since 2022 and its facilities can berth superyachts up to 110 meters (LOA). In addition to its specialised Boatyard services, Ayia Napa Marina offers 600 berths, with 360 of them on wet slips, 160 on the Dry Stack storage facility, and approximately 80 on the Dry Dock.

For more information on the ‘Vessel Check’ service, email marinacs@marinaayianapa.com or call +357 23 300 560.

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