How an organisation’s staffing is the key to success and attracting new talent

The key to success is staffing an organisation with the right people, whose talents and skills can bring out the full quality of services or products, escalate productivity and enhance efforts to increase profits.

Based on the above position, company executives from various sectors of the economy presented their point of view, as well as what else needs to be done, in the context of the recent Women Leaders' Forum at the Hilton Nicosia hotel on the afternoon of 26 March.

Maria Germanou, Chief Transformation Officer of PAPAELLINAS GROUP, Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Executive Vice President of Energame , Georgia Pitta, CFO/Executive Director of ECOMMBX and Nicos M. Stylianou, Chief Operations Officer of CYTA, commented on some of the attraction policies talent, the ways to retain talented executives and the need for employee well-being and work-life balance through culture change.

Maria Germanou said that for the company, development is part of the vision and that now the emphasis is on the new generation, ecology (green) and technology.

Regarding the youth, Germanou said that the goal is to empower them, so that they can lead the company in the future, while regarding ecology, she said that green investments are high on the list of priorities.

So is investing in technology, automation and data, valuable to both employees and customers, she added.

Marianna Hadjiandoniou focused on Gen Z "which is so different", as she pointed out. In order to retain existing staff and attract new talent, the important thing is to have a balance between work and private life.

"Be unstoppable. Never stop and work hard no matter the challenges,” she said shortly afterwards, inspiring the audience.

Georgia Pitta said that the company had had an innovative product from the start and that through the excellent relationship built between team members, the organisation had been able to succeed.

"We work as a family and try to help each other in the development and promotion of products, always with the necessary compliance.

One strengthens the other", he noted, adding that from time to time the staff is reminded of the vision and culture that characterises the organisation, so that the goals are achieved.

Nicos M. Stylianou initially admitted that it had not been easy for CYTA to go from being a monopoly and any benefits of such an environment to finding itself in a constantly growing and intense industry.

“The challenges were there, it was a collective success. Our highly-skilled human resources understood that in order to survive, we have to change", he pointed out, to conclude, "So, we have to find the plan. We are here and successful. Everyone had to understand that we had to go from zero accountability to measuring real goals," which was done, thanks to the staff's ability, as he indicated, to adapt their workplace’s culture.

The round table discussion was moderated by Natasa Pilidou, former Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry.

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