Strikerz Inc. showcases UFL gameplay for the first time in view of potential 2024 launch

Cyprus-based game developer Strikerz Inc. hosted its first public presentation of UFL, its highly anticipated football simulation title.

In a short speech at the event, which took place on 21 March at The Warehouse by ITQuarter in Limassol, Strikerz Inc. CEO Eugene Nashilov seemed optimistic. Referring to Electronic Arts’ FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (now rebranded as eFootball), he said, “We are delivering this game in a market that has been dominated by two players for 30 years, and has been in a stalemate for almost 10 years now. We initially planned to take just a fraction of the market”, continued Nashilov, “but the deeper we dove into things like the tech involved and issues like licensing, we understood we can deliver a much stronger hit to the market if we do things right.”


Strikerz Inc. CEO Eugene Nashilov

With regards to Strikerz Inc.’s business model for UFL, which will be free-to-play, Nashilov explained that the company is working with ads and product placement in innovative ways that “have never happened before in the field of football gaming.”

It’s hard not to see where the optimism comes from. UFL is a widely anticipated game, and counts Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo amongst a group of investors who recently committed more than $40 million to its development.

UFL presentation pic 3

Currently, the game is at its alpha testing stage. What this effectively means is that it’s being tested by specific groups of people (a few thousand), who subsequently provide feedback on the game which the company then takes on board. In a conversation with CBN, Nashilov pointed to the game’s “pace” as being a key element they are trying to get absolutely right.

UFL presentation pic 2

CBN was provided the opportunity to play a quick match against a Strikerz Inc. employee who was involved in designing the goal net, as well as off-the-ball movement by players in defensive positions. Even for a layman, the smooth gameplay and impressive graphics were undeniable.

UFL presentation pic 1

The alpha version presented to the event’s attendants is set to be released for tests next week, with further alpha versions set to come out in April and May. Nashilov was more coy when asked about the game’s release date, though an official launch is expected to occur sometime this year.

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