Sophic adds Republic of Cyprus Treasury Bills to its investment offering

Sophic, an innovative investment platform provided by Athlos Capital announces the latest expansion to its offering, with the inclusion of Treasury Bills (T-Bills) issued by the Republic of Cyprus. This addition underscores Sophic's commitment to offering diverse, low-risk investment opportunities to retail investors and businesses in Cyprus and beyond.

Retail investors and businesses investing through Sophic will now be able to invest in Cyprus’ T-Bills. Cyprus’ 3-month T-Bill made its debut on Sophic on Friday, March 15, 2024. With a yield of 3.99%, it attracted significant demand on the platform. While the availability on Sophic for this specific issue is limited, it is important to highlight that all future Cyprus T-Bill issuances will now be listed on the platform. Sophic, distinguishes itself by providing access to highly rated T-Bills from the European Union, France, and Germany, boasting yields currently exceeding 3.3% per year. The inclusion of Cyprus’ T-Bills on the platform enriches Sophic's offering, providing a broader spectrum of investment opportunities designed to reach the general public (retail and well-informed investors). US and UK T-Bills will be added shortly.

T-Bills are short-term (up to 1-year) government zero coupon bonds issued and guaranteed by the treasury of the issuing country, representing one of the safest investment options available. They are designed for all types of investors and especially for those seeking low-risk investment opportunities, offering the added benefit of liquidity with no lock-in periods. For all the above reasons, institutional investors typically classify T-Bills as cash equivalent.

At Sophic we prioritize our investors’ protection and best interests. To this end, clients’ cash is transferred and held in clients’ money accounts segregated from our own funds at top rated global banks, whereas clients’ assets are held segregated from our own assets in clients’ security accounts at the SIX Group (Switzerland). Moreover, Sophic upholds the highest standards of due diligence, ensuring investor protection and adherence to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the expansion, Mr Yiannos Petri, CEO of Athlos Capital explained: "Sophic is here to fundamentally change the way people and businesses manage their cash, especially at a time when bank deposit rates remain low. Our aim is to offer a simple and user-friendly platform, with low-risk investment options that are accessible to a broad audience. This underscores our commitment to financial inclusion and empowerment, with a clear focus on adapting to and meeting the evolving needs of investors. We will continue enhancing Sophic with new investment options designed for well-informed investors as well as retail investors, remaining at the forefront of innovative investment solutions”. Additionally, he noted that in Cyprus, unlike other Eurozone countries, retail investors have faced limitations in accessing government debt. “Recognizing the importance of financial inclusion and social responsibility, we are proud of introducing a pioneering platform offering accessibility to Cyprus T-Bills, starting from a low minimum investment amount. By bridging this gap, we empower individuals to participate in their country's economic growth while fostering a more inclusive financial landscape”.

About Sophic

Sophic is a user-friendly platform dedicated to optimizing our clients' liquidity management. With Sophic, investors have the opportunity to select T-Bills that align with their financial goals. Additionally, by investing in various T-Bills, they can enhance their portfolio diversification, thereby significantly reducing their investment risk. Sophic is offered by Athlos Capital, a firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and authorized to provide cross-border services throughout the European Union.

About Athlos Capital

Athlos Capital is an independent boutique investment firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License no. 348/17) with a solid reputation built on providing investors with unrivaled market access and execution in the niche credit markets of Cyprus and Greece.

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