SoEasy Insurance introduces a new product for Event Planners

SoEasy Insurance Brokers has announced the launch of a new, innovative Public Liability insurance plan, which is dedicated for Event Venues operation.

SoEasy Insurance's new product is specially designed for companies and organisations that plan Festive Events, such as receptions, conferences, exhibitions, concerts or sports tournaments.

This new product is an ideal choice for private companies organising conferences and various events, but also for organisations that plan events for their staff, or for Concert Planners.

This innovative product is designed specifically for events planning and includes a variety of basic and additional coverage, offering protection against third-party claims for body injury or property damage, due to acts of negligence or omissions of the insured that may cause damage to third parties in the place of the event.

More specifically, the insurance plan covers damages that may be caused during the venue preparation, or during the removal of the equipment, after the event. It also covers damages that may be caused to third parties during their stay on the event premises, or by the temporary indoor or outdoor equipment of the venue, i.e. damage due to the lighting installations.

The coverage is valid on the condition that the insured holds the legal licence to organise the event and they apply all the necessary rules and legislation regarding hygiene, safety and maintenance of the facilities and areas, where the event takes place.

The plan provides some additional optional benefits that the insured can take advantage of, by adding them to the insurance contract, while it is important to always be properly informed by the Insurance Consultant about exclusions or other terms of your plan.

Yiannis Nikolaou, the CEO of the company, stated, "the launch of another specialised insurance product, proves our company's commitment to expanding our product range, with insurance products that focus on the needs of each business or group of professionals. Public Liability for Event Planners is designed under the special circumstances and needs of these professionals and always keeping in mind their protection against any unforeseen events that may happen."

More information can be found about this new product at the link below.

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