First Lady to address Women Leaders’ Forum

The first Women Leaders’ Forum is on its way to showcase women’s strength an impact on the business world.

Women leaders who are defining the future of business will share their experience and knowledge at the upcoming event, which will take place at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel. Topics will include everything from basic principles of entrepreneurship to strategies that lead to innovation and development, promising an event that will be both inspiring and educational.

The Forum’s content will not be limited to the world of business but also touch upon all professional sectors as well as political life. Lawyer and First Lady Philippa Karsera-Christodoulides is a woman who is sure to inspire the audience with her strong presence and significant contribution to many sectors of society and the country’s cultural, social and political life. Karsera-Christodoulides will give a speech entitled ‘Empowering Equality: A Vision for Inclusive Participation and Social Transformation.’

Hundreds of women will be participating

With the participation of hundreds of women, the Women Leaders’ Forum will take place on Tuesday 26 March be celebrating the success of women in the business scene and encourage them to continue to promote change and innovation.

In the exciting world of business, women have proved to be catalysts, trailblazing a path to innovation and success. The Forum, taking place for the first time in Cyprus on Tuesday 26 March, also promises to make an impact.

A journey to the top

The Women Leaders’ Forum will be taking audiences on a journey to the top through its comprehensive content. Sign up and attend talks centered on entrepreneurship, success and the power of mutual support and collaboration. Some of the most successful female as well as male business leaders will participate in engaging discussions about the key ingredients, both external and internal, required to ensure success in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The Forum will bring together executives and professionals from different specialties from all industries and sectors of the economy to share their ideas and their journey to success

More specifically, it is addressed to:

  • Female and male professionals with experience and expertise in various service industries, including HR, marketing and PR specialists.
  • Business professionals and experts, business managers and consultants.
  • Senior executives, managers and professionals operating in various sectors of the economy from the professional and financial services, to shipping and trading, real estate, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, retail and many others.
  • CEOs, CFOs and C-level management of Cypriot companies.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs.


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