Energame announces Marianna Hadjiandoniou’s appointment as Executive Vice President

Energame, a pioneering management firm in the iGaming sector, has welcomed Marianna Hadjiandoniou as the new Executive Vice President.

According to a relevant press release, Hadjiandoniou steps into her role with a two-decade track record of success in human resources management across a variety of industries, including a significant tenure as HR Director at Parimatch Cyprus. "Her appointment marks a pivotal moment for Energame as it seeks to harness her extensive experience and strategic acumen to drive growth and organisational excellence," the announcement said.

It continued that Hadjiandoniou brings with her a wealth of expertise in HR strategies, business reorganisations, and a proven ability to manage HR areas across international companies.

"Her background is distinguished by roles that required a deep understanding of the complexities of scaling businesses, talent management, and organisational development. At Parimatch Cyprus, Hadjiandoniou was instrumental in leading HR initiatives that supported the company’s rapid growth and navigated talent management endeavors. Her strategic vision and innovative approaches to HR have consistently delivered impactful outcomes," the press release said.

It continued that, "A respected leader and a visionary, Hadjiandoniou's career is defined by her dedication to fostering inclusive, dynamic, and high-performing corporate cultures. Her approach to leadership is rooted in a deep commitment to values and ethics, aligning perfectly with Energame’s mission to support businesses with significant scale-up potential through strategic advisory and management services."

Hadjiandoniou's academic and professional credentials further underscore her readiness for this role, the company noted. "Holding an MSc in Human Resource Management from Surrey University, UK, and being a certified CSO Professional, she is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Hadjiandoniou is also the Founder and Director at PERHA Group, and she provides consulting services in all the HR functions and HR and Business-related subjects. Her leadership extends beyond the corporate realm into significant contributions to community service, as evidenced by her roles with CSR Cyprus and the Red Cross Limassol branch and her support and collaboration with One Dream One Wish Association," the press release said.

According to the company, as Executive Vice President, Hadjiandoniou will be at the forefront of shaping Energame's strategic direction, driving innovation, and leading cross-functional initiatives that will underpin the company’s next phase of growth.

"Her experience, coupled with her strategic insight into the iGaming sector, positions her as a key asset in Energame’s journey towards achieving its ambitious goals," the announcement concluded.

About Energame

Energame is a management firm that provides advisory and management services to businesses with significant scale-up potential, such as Tech & iGaming. Its partners operate globally in the online gaming ecosystem, including B2B and B2C businesses. Energame started operations in January 2023, intending to leverage 30 years of experience in the iGaming industry. Energame’s partners represent the entire value chain, giving the company a unique insight into the industry and the capacity to deliver value.

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