Threedium joins NVIDIA Inception programme

Threedium has joined NVIDIA Inception, a programme designed to nurture startups revolutionisng industries with advanced technologies.

Founded in 2017, Threedium’s 3D and AR engine has captured the trust of big brands across the board, from the automotive industry to luxury fashion and homeware. The startup’s team is split between London and Cyprus while, with the support of Kinisis Ventures, Threedium entered the US market in 2020.

In a LinkedIn post on the most recent development, the company said, “At Threedium, we specialise in creating immersive 3D/AR and, new this year, XR experiences that transform how brands engage with customers. Now leveraging AI, we're enhancing the distribution and customisation speed of 3D interactive media and e-commerce content, enabling wider reach of consumers globally to interact with products in entirely new ways.”

Threedium continued, “With resources from NVIDIA Inception, including technical training, access to NVIDIA's world-class hardware and software, and comp'd cloud credits, we plan to accelerate product development and enhance our AI capabilities. This access to cutting-edge technology and expertise will propel our mission to deliver unparalleled 3D/AR/XR solutions.”

Also according to the post, CEO Mike Charalambous commented, "Joining NVIDIA Inception is a pivotal step for Threedium," adding, "With NVIDIA's support, we will expedite our innovation cycle and gain invaluable industry insights and collaboration opportunities, redefining the interactive media landscape."

The post, meanwhile, also noted that, “NVIDIA Inception is instrumental at critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. It provides select members like Threedium with a custom suite of benefits, including NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits and technology assistance, vital for scaling and reaching new milestones.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and shape the future of 3D content and continue our journey supporting the NVIDIA Omniverse and Apple Vision Pro ecosystem.”

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