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Limassol event presents Digital Innovation Hub Cyprus

An event was held recently in Limassol to inform members of the public about the Digital Innovation Hub Cyprus (DiGiNN).

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) officer and Marketing and Communication manager at DiGiNN, Andreas Antoniades, said on his LinkedIn page that the event was held in cooperation with the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose president, Andreas Tsouloftas, was one of the speakers.


A presentation was given by Hub General Manager Anixi Antonakoudi on the innovative services that small and medium sized businesses can access as part of their digital transition by DiGiNN.

DiGiNN Project Manager Katerina Loizou explained the uses of the digital maturity tool, and the participating companies got to test it out on site.


Antoniades concluded his post by announcing that similar presentations will follow in all Cypriot cities.

According to the European Commission’s European Digital Innovation Hubs Network, DiGiNN will introduce a new level of support toward the digital transformation of Cyprus, as the country needs urgent action to address its digital maturity levels.


“DiGiNN aspires to become a one-stop-shop for all companies and public sector organisations, providing them an end-to-end experience in their digitisation journey; from coaching and mentoring by reputable experts, access to the most advanced infrastructure and facilities, support to find investments, to networking and access to innovation ecosystems,” it said. “To achieve this, we gather the local champions in digital technologies, including all relevant Centres of Excellence, and partner them with both National industrial representation bodies and sectoral associations, thus establishing the direct interface between state-of-the-art offer and broad demand.”

Blending in are the most active incubators, whose mission is to nurture innovative start-ups in the early stages of commercialisation and support them in terms of upskilling, networking and accessing funds for further development, it said.

Finally, DiGiNN said it will orchestrate a number of groups and clusters, introducing representatives of the quintuple helix to ensure that the network’s motto “Leaving no one behind” drives its activities throughout the project and creates the conditions for sustainable digital development of the local ecosystem. “Furthermore, DiGiNN takes it one step further than just being an excellent service provider and facilitator; High in our agenda is to develop a ‘Digital culture’ among the National economy actors, by creating the appropriate ecosystem and developing working relations between the country’s economic actors and the experts who can enable the digital transformation of private (SMEs) and the public sectors in Cyprus and Europe. This will not only drive demand, but ensure that the ecosystem continues to operate and develop once the EC and local funding is no longer available at the end of the 3+4 year period.”

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