New €3.5 million office development planned for Larnaca

A new office development with an estimated cost of €3.5 million is to be constructed in Larnaca.

It is a 12-storey building with a total area of ​​335 sq.m., with Quince Properties Limited as the developer.

The Environmental Authority has given the green light for the construction and operation of the project. According to its timetable, construction work will begin after the issuance of a building permit and will end 24 months after that.

The aim of the proposed project is to meet a company’s office needs and to create new jobs, while at the same time it is expected that it will upgrade the aesthetics of the specific area.

What the 12-story building will include

The proposed project will include a building of 12 floors reaching a height of 54.20 meters from the ground and will occupy a total coverage area of ​​335 sq.m., which corresponds to approximately 40% of the total area of ​​the plot under development.

Based on the project's Environmental Study, the ground floor will be used as a reception area, while, after the main entrance, a decorative tank with an overflow will be placed on which a floating platform will be built.

The entrance to the building will be located in the northern part of the blocks. A vehicle lift will be installed on this level that will lead up to the fourth floor, as floors 1-4 will be parking lots.

In the western part of the building, among other things, will be the lobby, which will include a kitchen for the staff.

To the south of the building there will be a vehicle entrance road to the building. On each floor, there will be five parking spaces and a car lift.

Floors 5-11 will be four meters high each and will be used as office space.

On each floor there will be two covered terraces and in the western part of the building there will be the lobby which will include a kitchen for the staff.

The roof of the building will consist of two levels.

Where is it located?

The project will be developed in the parish of Chrysopolitissa in the Livadia location within the Municipality of Larnaca.

The blocks of the development abut Dionysiou Solomou Street to the east, Salaminos Street to the north and Ayios Synesios Street to the west.

Access to them can be carried out through the above streets and the Miltiados and Salaminos streets which are bypasses of Makarios Avenue, west of the development blocks.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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