Introducing the Cypriot startup Bolsterup

Our vision is to make Bolsterup synonymous with construction industry innovation, transforming how professionals connect, collaborate and succeed” says Joanna Krashia, CEO of Bolsterup.

Bolsterup’s genesis was sparked by a real-world problem a few years ago in Sydney, where the founders were based at the time and one of them was facing problems when trying to gather a team of more than 200 specialists for a stadium project. “That’s when we saw an opportunity to drive change,” she enthuses. “Bolsterup is tackling major pain points in the construction industry: fragmented industry data and information silos that lead to inefficiencies, limited project insights and minimal digital exposure. Finding the right projects, teams or products can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, due to scattered data and an overreliance on outdated methods like word-of-mouth. Our platform is the bridge over these gaps. By creating a centralized digital hub, Bolsterup makes it straightforward for professionals to find projects, collaborate with the right teams and discover products that fit their needs. We are turning the industry’s traditional, fragmented approach on its head by offering a solution that’s not only efficient but is also accessible and user-friendly.”

Bolsterup has been meticulously designed to face the industry’s unique challenges and meet its demands. The platform leverages technology to streamline how information is shared and connections are made, ensuring that everyone from small firms to large corporations can find what they need quickly and easily. The AI-driven matchmaking system plays a fundamental role as it pairs projects with the right professionals and services. Unlike solutions that focus on niche segments, Bolsterup unites all industry players – from architects to suppliers – under one roof, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration.

“Our platform is project-centric, highlighting real work and team dynamics. Focusing primarily on B2B interactions (though consumers can also access the platform), we are filling a significant market gap, offering a global solution that transcends regional and specialisation boundaries. We have followed a self-funded, bootstrapped approach that has led to a solid foundation, a clear vision, a scalable business model, a diverse team with complementary skills, and an early product-market fit, demonstrated by onboarding 100+ businesses pre-launch,” Krashia explains. “We have a strategic partner and angel investor on our side, with a key position in one of the biggest Real Estate Development companies in Dubai and globally, who is our gateway to the vast network of the Gulf region – a critical asset as we scale. At the moment, we are engaging with potential investors who understand and share our vision. Our search for the right funding partners is deliberate and we aim to align with those who understand the transformative potential of Bolsterup”.

Krashia reveals that the team’s scale-up strategy is sharply focused on accelerating growth by expanding into new markets, with operations already gaining momentum in Greece and Dubai. Any investment will be channelled into Bolsterup’s marketing strategy, enhancing its product offering by boosting the platform’s intelligence features (particularly the AI-driven matchmaking system) and expanding its team.

The co-founders share something vital: they all have a connection to construction, whether through work or personal interest, combined with experience in digital transformations and a passion for using technology to solve real problems. Given the sector that they have decided to delve into, that sounds like the right place to start.

“For us,” says Joanna Krashia, “it’s about improving an industry we deeply care about, making it easier for businesses in construction to find work, team up and get projects off the ground while being part of a vibrant, ever-evolving community.”


Joanna Krashia (CEO), Sotiris Pittas (COO), Alejandro Fernandez (CTO).

What is it?

A digital construction hub that seamlessly links projects, businesses and products, connecting professionals for upcoming projects.


Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition Winner (First prize).



What it aspires to be

The global standard in construction, an indispensable daily tool for the construction industry and a vibrant, unified ecosystem.

Funds received


Funds needed


(This interview first appeared in the February edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.)

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