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Elias Kokkinos: Plans to open Smoothie Factory in more towns soon

Smoothie Factory, the popular smoothie shop in Nicosia, is preparing to expand to more towns across Cyprus, starting off with Larnaca, according to its Managing Director Elias Kokkinos.

Kokkinos also revealed that the smoothie business is “cooking up” some new culinary experiences, in an interview with InBusinessNews, while he also describes the preferences of Cypriot consumers, as well as comments on the most popular trends, which include veganism and detox.


"The Cypriot consumer has particularly high culinary demands; they are sophisticated and know what they want. They stand out for their preference for fresh and healthy meals, creative and culinary balanced options", he said.

Kokkinos also revealed that Smoothie Factory is in the process of updating its menu to include creative brunch, light lunch, smoothie and cold pressed juice proposals.


What changes are we about to see in the Smoothie Factory menu?

The variations that we will see in our new renewed menu include new culinary proposals with creative Brunch dishes, Light Lunch, Smoothies and Cold Pressed Juices which go hand in hand with the arrival of spring and summer, i.e. freshness, imagination and vitality!

Our goal is to offer additional options with a rich and interesting culinary experience, but at the same time we maintain the fan favourite flavours of our existing menu.


The emphasis of the renewed Brunch menu is on spring fresh and healthy ingredients, offering an enriched variety of options for every taste. Also, new smoothies and juices have been added with an emphasis on seasonal fresh fruits and ingredients.

With our renewed menu, we aim to provide additional options that will satisfy every culinary taste.


What are your customers’ favourite products?

Our customer favourites that remain popular include classic smoothies such as the Very Berry and Peanut Butter Powerhouse, our unique Superfood bowls, and from the Brunch menu, the Taco of Pancakes, Kataifi ala French and The Old Good Bagel stand out.

These dishes – among others – continue to be our customers’ favourites due to their rich and unique flavours and the pure ingredients used.


Keeping the most popular options on our menu is a priority, while at the same time we have added new options that we are convinced will spread smiles and be adored.

How would you describe the Cypriot consumer compared with others? Do they have any particularities and how do you handle it?

The Cypriot consumer has particularly high culinary demands; they are sophisticated and know what they want. They stand out for their preference for fresh and healthy meals, creative and culinary balanced options.


They have peculiarities such as a preference for local products and traditional flavours twisted with touches of modern gastronomy and above all freshness and attention to both taste and presentation.

At Smoothie Factory, we always try to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and demands, embracing their “wishes” and providing healthy and tasty options made from local ingredients and adjusted to their preferences.


How have trends that are starting to gain a lot of followers, like veganism, but also natural developments like our environmental awareness, affected your field and how have you responded as a company?

Trends such as veganism, Juice Cleanse Detox and growing environmental awareness have impacted our sector by increasing the demand for healthy, plant-based and sustainable products.

At Smoothie Factory, we respond by offering flexible options on our menu that meet and correspond with these trends.


Are there more plans in the works for Smoothie Factory?

Yes, there are more plans in the works for Smoothie Factory; we are looking to expand to other towns as well, starting soon with Larnaca. We will be in a position to announce more details very soon. But we are also cooking up some new culinary experiences that align with our values and create temperament!

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