CMC: We have the experience and means to deliver the Vasilikos project

The CPP-METRON Consortium Ltd (CMC) said it has the experience and means to deliver the Vasilikos LNG Receiving and Regasification Terminal, responding to recent media reports that it said questioned “the competence and experience of CPP”.

The consortium issued a series of press releases, saying among other things: “In recent media articles and TV interviews, the competence and experience of CPP, the leading Consortium member of the Vasilikos LNG Receiving and Regasification Terminal, is questioned,” before stressing, “CPP has the experience and means to deliver this project; CPP is an experienced and internationally recognised contractor for projects of this nature".

It added that CMC finds the constant reports in the media "about CPPs lack of experience to be ludicrous and defamatory" and that "CMC had not abandoned the project, nor has it resorted to blackmail or any other such behaviour. Reports and comments to that effect are deeply offensive and entirely untrue".

"At all times, CMC has remained dedicated to completing and then operating the project. Given its experience and resources, it is (as it has always been) well placed to do so. CMC has followed the press reports about the difficulties MECI (Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry) is facing from delays to the other infrastructure required before ETYFA / MECI will be able to realise its ambition to use gas across the island but, with the cooperation of ETYFA and renewed support from MECI, CMC can and will deliver its contribution towards that vision – the Natural Gas import terminal at Limassol - for the people of Cyprus."

Referring to the 'ETYFA Prometheas' vessel, it said that it "remains surprised by relentless media articles stating that the vessel is unseaworthy" and notes that on 16 January 2024, Lloyds Register issued a “Statement of Readiness for Delivery” in favour of the vessel, the “ETYFA Prometheas” and that this Statement was officially communicated with ETYFA.

It added that according to Lloyds register there is nothing technical pending for “ETYFA Prometheas” to sail to Cyprus, but there are certain steps that only ETYFA has the authority and obligation as the rightful owner of doing so.

CMC expressed its concern "by the lack of infrastructure and equipment to handle the Vessel on arrival in Cyprus" and said that "the timing of the vessel’s arrival in Cyprus is in ETYFA’s hands and CMC cannot be responsible".

Regarding the jetty and onshore works in Cyprus, it noted that these works have been delayed by a combination of factors which are not CMC’s responsibility. First, it says, "the works began late because of the late appointment of the Owner’s Engineer by ETYFA (Hill International was not appointed until August 2020, 8 months after ETYFA signed the contract with the Consortium)".

Secondly, it added, the CMC’s works were impacted by both the ongoing effects of the pandemic "and irregularities in ETYFA’s procedures for approving work and making payment".

Thirdly, "while the original project scope is for the infrastructure needed to support a natural gas receiving terminal, ETYFA’s requirements have unilaterally changed and been imposed on CMC and have forced CMC to construct a liquified natural gas export terminal as well", adding that liquid natural gas export facilities require completely different engineering and construction codes and standards as opposed to basic natural gas import facilities.

Furthermore, CMC said that "so far it has taken on the unfair burden of financing the project and accommodating ETYFA’s changes, while overcoming the practical and technical challenges put in CMC’s way by ETYFA".


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