Shuna Group unveils exclusive ‘Launching Larnaca Living’ (pics)

Prominent international investment company Shuna Group recently hosted a three-day event in Larnaca, showcasing the potential and extensive opportunities for investing in this real estate development hot spot.

The ‘Launching Larnaca Living’ conference hosted over 200 guests, potential clients and key stakeholders.


Shuna Group is firmly positioned at the forefront of real estate development in Cyprus’ most up and coming coastal destination. Capitalising on the vast potential of this dynamic market, the group delivers a rich portfolio of exceptional real estate opportunities in prime positions across the city. These modern residential developments aim to shape the future of Larnaca, contributing to the major urban regeneration, while offering a cost-effective EU entry point for investors to acquire high yield assets.


In recognition of this lucrative landscape for growth and enduring prosperity, Launching Larnaca Living was a dynamic event, offering an immersive experience into the new era of living in Cyprus. Shuna Group presented some of their highly anticipated projects for the first time during the three-day programme, including Luna Residences and Riva Villas in Livadia and Park Oro (under study) in Oroklini. These premium residential projects will be implemented in collaboration with Shuna Group’s trusted, international investor partners.


Esteemed speakers included Shuna Group founder and real estate investment specialist, Ori Huna, as well as Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, who honoured the event with an opening speech. Mayor Vyras expressed his gratefulness to the investors and enhanced trust in the destination by presenting the city’s infrastructural evolution.


The presentation showcased the development of the city in the recent years, along with the vision for the future, including highly anticipated projects such as the Land of Tomorrow and new Marina. These projects, along with others, will elevate Larnaca to unprecedented levels.


Mayor Vyras stated: "We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed foreign investors, specifically to Ori Huna and Shuna Group partners, whose unwavering commitment and visionary initiatives significantly contribute to the prosperity of Larnaca. Their presence elevates the city's allure and reinforces its standing as a premier destination for global real estate investment."


A highlight of the three days was a compelling panel discussion focused on why investors should consider investing in the future of real estate in Larnaca; a burgeoning destination which presents a promising opportunity due to its strategic location, growing market, stable economy, tourism appeal, government initiatives and quality of life. The panel discussion was moderated by Eleftheria Voskaridou, Founder and Managing Director at Blackbook Agency. The discussion was addressed by Mayor Vyras; Ori Huna; Michael Netanel, CMO at Netanel Group; Alon Luxenburg, Founder of Arad Luxenburg Investments Ltd and Themis Constanti of Interlink Investments.


In a statement, Ori Huna said: "Larnaca holds a special place in my heart, and I strongly believe in the unbridled real estate potential of this stunning coastal haven. Which is why I have invited my extensive international network of discerning investors to come and discover its holistic appeal and endless opportunities for themselves, with a view to them joining us on a long-term journey to further elevate the destination. We will give back to this country to the maximum, by offering many career opportunities and adding more local experts in our teams.”


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