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Cyprus-Microsoft: €8m agreement for public sector's digital transformation

Cyprus has entered a hugely important Enterprise Agreement with tech giant Microsoft to step up the island’s digital transformation and boost the efficiency of the public sector.

The €8m strategic agreement, which was signed on behalf of the government by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, will see 10,000 Microsoft 365 software licences granted, along with an important set of modern tools that support a wide range of tasks and processes.

In particular, it provides for the provision of licences for e-mail services, secure collaboration and document circulation tools, cloud computing services, project management tools, reports and custom user interface development for easy work item management, etc.

In addition to the above licences, specialised Microsoft personnel will provide support services as well as specific Microsoft contractor/certified partner implementation services. Executive trainings on the optimal use of these tools are also included, which is expected to significantly contribute to upgrading the digital skills of public sector officials.

This is the first time in history that a Cypriot government has entered into such a large-scale strategic agreement to improve the public sector, the deputy ministry said in a press release. It added that the agreement is expected to contribute significantly to the successful implementation of the flexible work model in the public sector, which is where the Microsoft tools will come in.

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Nicodemos Damianou said the signing of the agreement is just the beginning of an extended collaboration with Microsoft. “The creation of a modern, digital state that serves the country’s citizens and businesses swiftly and efficiently, is at the core of the government’s governance programme,” he said, adding: “The private sector is our main partner in this effort.”

Yanna Andronopoulou, the Managing Director for Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta, stated: “This agreement represents a significant step towards Cyprus’ digital future, boosting the efficiency of the public sector and improving public services. It represents our effort to contribute substantively to the creation of an even more modern and effective state for all.”

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