Iasio: A new €4 million private hospital planned for Limassol

A new private hospital is anticipated to operate in Limassol, aiming to enrich and improve medical and health care services.

The private hospital, to be named ‘Iasio,’ will be built in the Municipality of Kato Polemidia and Environmental Authority approval has already been secured for the proposed project.

The two-story building with a ground floor, which will be constructed, is located within the parish of Apostolou Varnavas.

The structural facilities of the private hospital will include:

  • Private hospital: 3 aseptic operating theaters and a septic room, 12 patient wards with 30 overnight patient beds, maternity areas, washing and sterilisation areas, nurses' stations, doctor's dormitory and cleaning support areas, staff changing rooms, storage areas and staff offices.
  • Office spaces - outpatient clinic spaces: Visitor waiting areas, 6 clinics and examination rooms, meeting room, secretariat, external laboratory and supporting spaces, such as storage and mechanical spaces, archives, sanitary areas and server room, with a total area of ​​470 sq.m.
  • Parking spaces with a total capacity of 94 vehicles.
  • In the eastern part of the block, a controlled private parking area for staff will be formed, consisting of 21 parking spaces. The entry and exit of vehicles will be carried out from the same point. The total area reaches 456 sq.m.
  • In the western part of the block, around the perimetre of the building, a total of 73 parking spaces will be created for visitors, including 7 for people with disabilities. Vehicle entry will be from the east side of the building, ending at the west side (exit). The total area amounts to 1,590 sq.m.
  • In addition, bicycle parking spaces will be placed in both the public and private parking areas.

Staffing and anticipated traffic

Once the private hospital is up and running, a total of 38 people are expected to be employed, approximately. In more detail, 8 doctors, 13-15 nurses, 6 midwives, 6 people as operational staff and 3 people responsible for cleaning the facilities.

In addition, the medical development is estimated to serve 90 – 100 visiting patients per day and will be able to accommodate up to 30 patients per day.

Access to the proposed project will be via Aeropis Street.

Ready within 18 months

The estimated cost of the project amounts to €4 million.

The constructed area of ​​the proposed project, according to the architects, will amount to 1,950 sq.m. The constructed area of ​​the ground floor amounts to 590 sq.m., the 1st and 2nd floors to 680 sq.m., respectively. Specifically, 470 sq.m. will involve office spaces and outpatient clinics and 1,480 sq.m. they will concern the built-up area of ​​the private hospital, including the stairwell and elevator areas.

Construction work is expected to last approximately 18 months.

It is estimated that the photovoltaic panels that will be installed in the development will serve 25% of the proposed project’s total needs.

The area where the development will be located is adjacent to industrial developments, more specifically on its eastern and southern borders, while on the west it adjoins cultivated land. To the north, the development site adjoins the Nicosia – Limassol highway.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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