CyI and Pattichion Municipal Museum expand their collaboration with MoU

In what has been described as a significant step towards fostering and promoting cultural and historical endeavours, The Cyprus Institute and the Pattichion Municipal Museum of Historical Archives - Center for Limassol Studies, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The signing ceremony was held on 6 February in the presence of the Mayor of Limassol and President of the Board of Directors of Pattichion, Nikos Nicolaides, and CyI President, Prof. Stavros Malas, a relevant announcement said.

According to the same announcement, the primary focus of this MoU is to reinforce the collaboration between the two institutions, particularly emphasising the exchange of expertise. A key aspect of this cooperative effort is directed towards the preservation and digitisation of the Pattichion Municipal Museum’s original collections. Additionally, both institutions will commit to collaborating on the publication of scientific studies, thereby contributing significantly to the relevant academic literature. It is worth noting that The Cyprus Institute and the Pattichion Municipal Museum have a pre-existing collaboration that has yielded exceptional results in various scientific domains, including education, humanities, cultural heritage, and Greek education in Cyprus.

Mayor Nikos Nicolaides highlighted the pivotal role The Cyprus Institute will play in the modernisation and technological advancement of Pattichion. This collaboration is anticipated to make the intellectual wealth of the institution progressively accessible to a wider audience.

Expressing his gratitude, Prof. Stavros Malas, noted that this collaboration will pave the way for numerous scientific partnerships, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Following the signing ceremony, Prof. Stavros Malas was given a guided tour of the Pattichion premises by the Scientific Director, Mimis Sofokleous. This included an exploration of an engaging exhibition featuring sketches and caricatures portraying the life and work of the national poet, Vasilis Michaelides. The exhibition, curated by Aristos Kakoutas, adds a cultural dimension to the collaborative efforts between the two institutions, the announcement concluded.

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