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Sofocleous: Mercure Larnaca City Hotel to open in second quarter of this year

Andreas Sofocleous, General Manager, Mercure Larnaka Cyprus recently talked to CBN about the upcoming Mercure City Hotel, which will be French multinational company Accor’s second Mercure chain hotel in Cyprus.

Being created with Accor’s partner Solaar Hospitality, the new venue is due to open in Larnaca in the second quarter of 2024, and according to Sofocleous, while the focus will be on the business traveler, offering tailored services to meet their specific needs, the hotel will also extend its hospitality to leisure travelers.

Sofocleous shared his predictions for the upcoming tourist season, both for the new hotel, the chain’s existing Mercure Larnaka Beach Resort, and the wider industry in Cyprus. Among other things, he noted that Cyprus’ ability to diversify its tourism appeal and adapt contributes to its continued attractiveness.

The General Manager, in addition, revealed why he and his team are devoted to providing a distinctive experience tailored to every guest visiting their properties.

According to announcements in December 2023, the new venue, The Mercure City Hotel, is due to open in the second quarter of 2024. Is this timetable still on track?

Yes, based on the provided timeline, we are indeed aiming to open the new venue in the second quarter of 2024. As of now, we are diligently working towards meeting this schedule, and we are committed to delivering a remarkable experience for our guests upon the anticipated opening. Any potential updates or adjustments to the timeline will be communicated transparently. We appreciate the excitement and interest surrounding the new venue, and we look forward to welcoming guests to the Mercure Larnaca City Hotel in the specified timeframe.

Can you tell us a bit more about what your clientele can expect from The Mercure City Hotel once it opens?

The Mercure Larnaca City Hotel is a gem with its pristine location, offering guests a unique experience that combines the charm of the old town of Larnaca with the proximity to the vibrant Phoinikoudes Beach. Situated centrally, the hotel allows guests to immerse themselves in the local culture while enjoying the modern amenities provided. This location strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Guests at The Mercure Larnaca City Hotel can expect the following distinctive features:

Central Location: The hotel is strategically placed at the heart of Larnaca, providing easy access to the local culture and attractions. It offers guests the opportunity to step into the center of Larnaca, whether they are on a business trip or leisure getaway.

Local-Infused Culinary Experience: The hotel takes pride in offering a culinary experience infused with local flavors, providing guests with a taste of authentic cuisine. From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, the dining options will showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Roof-Top Pool Bar: During the summer, guests can unwind at the roof-top pool bar, enjoying the beautiful surroundings while sipping on refreshing beverages. This feature adds a touch of luxury and relaxation to the overall experience.

State-of-the-Art Gym with Panoramic Views: The 8th floor of the building houses a state-of-the-art gym that not only caters to fitness enthusiasts but also offers stunning panoramic views of the town. Guests can enjoy a workout with a backdrop of picturesque scenery.

Versatile Meeting and Venue Spaces: For those looking to host events, private parties, or business meetings, the hotel features a stunning meeting or venue room on the 7th floor. This space is designed to provide a memorable setting for various occasions.

Throughout their stay, guests can expect nothing short of the best service in town, as The Mercure Larnaca City Hotel is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for every visitor.

Mercure Larnaka Beach Resort opened last year. What are your expectations for the resort for the upcoming tourist season?

We are thrilled about the promising outlook for the upcoming tourist seasons at our resort. With the CTO highlighting the year 2024 as a period of exceptional tourism influx from around the globe, we are optimistic about operating at full capacity. Our consistent growth year by year has set the stage for this anticipated surge in visitors.


One of our key strengths lies in our food and beverage offerings, which have been met with great enthusiasm from both locals and in-house guests. Our culinary team is dedicated to ensuring that our dishes remain exciting and full of flavor, providing a memorable dining experience for everyone.

Considering the positive trajectory of our resort's popularity and the anticipated global tourism trends, we expect a robust and vibrant season ahead. The dedication to excellence in our services, coupled with the allure of our spectacular food and beverage venues, positions us well to cater to the diverse needs of the influx of tourists. We are confident that our resort will continue to be a preferred destination, offering a unique blend of hospitality, culinary delights, and an unforgettable experience for all our guests.

Can you tell us more about the concept behind the resort and which clientele it is mainly aimed at? Does this differ from your target guests for the upcoming new location, The Mercure City Hotel?

Our resort is strategically situated right in front of the beach, providing a serene and relaxing environment at your fingertips. With standout features such as the renowned Aura Spa, the captivating M Sky Bar, the vibrant Beach Bar, and the delightful Kyma Restaurant, we have meticulously curated an experience that guarantees nothing short of the best in service and offerings. Our boutique hotel is designed to be a one-stop destination where everything essential for a perfect getaway can be found.

We take pride in catering to a diverse clientele, ensuring our offerings appeal to both the young and old, leisure travelers, and business professionals alike who often utilise our conference facilities. Our commitment to providing an exceptional experience is reflected in our varied amenities and services.

As we expand with the introduction of the Mercure Larnaca City Hotel, our focus will be on the business traveler, offering tailored services to meet their specific needs. However, in keeping with our brand ethos, we will also extend our hospitality to leisure travelers. Despite the business-centric approach, the Mercure Larnaca City Hotel will benefit from its proximity to the beach, just a block away. This unique location will allow us to provide extraordinary service while simultaneously catering to the preferences of all types of travelers. The concept behind both establishments remains rooted in delivering top-notch service, but the emphasis on clientele may differ slightly to align with the distinct offerings and ambiance of each location.

What is your view of the wider tourism sector in Cyprus this year? For example, do you believe the industry will be able to respond well to the pressures of the ongoing geopolitical issues in the region, ongoing conflict in Ukraine etc.?

The tourism sector in Cyprus has historically demonstrated resilience and efficiency in recovering from various challenges, including geopolitical tensions and conflicts. The ongoing geopolitical issues, including those related to Cyprus itself and conflicts in other regions such as Ukraine, have the potential to impact tourism. Factors like safety concerns, travel restrictions, and changes in consumer confidence are critical variables that can shape the tourism landscape.

Cyprus, with its strategic geographical location and pristine beaches, remains an attractive destination for visitors globally. Over the years, the island has proven to be adept at swift recovery. Despite external pressures, Cyprus has consistently drawn tourists seeking its unique offerings.

Mercure Larnaka Beach Resort

Based on current statistics and market trends, Cyprus appears poised for a positive year ahead. Growing interest from various markets, including Europe and the Middle East, is reflected in increasing bookings and occupancy rates for hotels. The island's ability to diversify its tourism appeal and adapt to changing circumstances contributes to its continued attractiveness.

While challenges persist, the tourism industry in Cyprus seems well-positioned to respond effectively to the pressures of ongoing geopolitical issues. The resilience demonstrated in the past, coupled with the enduring allure of Cyprus as a travel destination, suggests that the island is likely to navigate these challenges successfully, ensuring a robust tourism sector in the coming year.

Can you reveal any of Accor’s other upcoming plans for Cyprus?

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal any future plans for Accor or Solaar Hospitality. However, both companies remain dedicated to growth and development in the coming years, ensuring a commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry.

In my role as the General Manager of Solaar Hospitality Group overseeing both Mercure hotels, two short-term rental apartment buildings, and with another project in progress, I am devoted to providing a distinctive experience tailored to each and every guest visiting our properties. My team and I proudly serve as ambassadors to hospitality, leaving no detail overlooked to ensure an unforgettable experience. We are dedicated to taking the industry to new heights and setting elevated standards. Welcome to your home away from home!

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