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Nielsen’s new methodology is evolving how television viewing in Cyprus is measured

The new methodology introduced by Nielsen in January has created new conditions regarding the measurement of television viewing in Cyprus and what this implies for television stations and advertisers in terms of the distribution of the advertising ‘pie’.

More specifically, in its measurements, Nielsen is now also taking into account post-Time Shifted Viewing (TSV), thus offering a more complete picture of the television landscape.

This is considered to be a particularly important development, as not only live viewing will be recorded, but also viewing which takes place later on, up to seven days after the original broadcast, making the measurements even more objective and fair.

Essentially, this addition to the viewership measurement methodology allows for a more complete understanding of how audiences consume television content and provides stakeholders with valuable insights.

Speaking to InBusinessNews, Nielsen's Market Commercial Leader, Broadcasters & Publishers for Greece and Market Commercial Leader for Cyprus, Maria Mavromati, explained - among other things - that the need for this variable is a result of the rapid evolution of the television landscape in Cyprus and worldwide.

"Nielsen has progressed the evolution of viewership measurement for the Cypriot market with the introduction of post-Time Shifted Viewing (TSV) measurement, beginning in January 2024," she noted.

Describing the development as very important for Nielsen's metrics, Mavromati indicated that the data now takes into account viewing up to seven days after the original broadcast.

"This development is very important, since Nielsen has now added, in addition to measuring live viewership, the viewership of television content that has been broadcast live on linear TV, but has been watched later at a second time, up to seven days after the live broadcasting," she indicated.

At the same time, Mavromati noted that the need for this variable comes from the rapid development of the television landscape in Cyprus and worldwide.

The pace of life, as well as unlimited choices, have changed the habits of TV viewers, who now increasingly prefer watching shows at times that are more convenient for them.

"Television content and the way of consumption is evolving rapidly in Cyprus and around the world. In addition, the habits of the demographic audience and the way of consuming television content are changing and for this reason the measurement of television viewing in Cyprus had to evolve as well.

The figures vary quite a bit with average minute rating(AMR) and reach growth depending on the content, campaign and demographic one is looking at,” Mavromati pointed out.

Essentially, the new methodology in the measurements of television viewing takes into account the change in the behavior of the public.

"Nielsen, as a global company, is an organisation that will always evolve and propose new and innovative methods, products and service options to the Cypriot market," Maria Mavromati said in conclusion.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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