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Revolutionising Education: The DigiTrain Platform Pilot in Cyprus

In the effort to revolutionise education in Cyprus, the DigiTrain (Digital Mentoring and Traineeship) project, an initiative under the Erasmus+ programme, has been making waves.

Implemented by GrantXpert Consulting, the DigiTrain project aims to equip teachers of technical schools with cutting-edge teaching techniques, offering students invaluable mentorship and industry insights through an innovative digital platform.

The recent pilot phase of the DigiTrain platform in Cyprus has been a game-changer in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Engaging 11 students from two technical schools, the pilot witnessed these students implementing two distinct projects under the guidance of their teachers and industry mentors.

The pilot not only provided hands-on learning experiences to the students, but also shed light on the platform's effectiveness. Before they started, the students got trained on how to use the platform. During the pilot, students and mentors worked together online, and the projects even counted towards their grades.

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the effectiveness of the educational materials and platform usability!

The pilot phase of the DigiTrain platform in Cyprus signifies a significant step forward in reshaping education. By combining real projects, mentorship, and digital learning, this platform could totally change how students learn and get ready for their future careers. Moving forward, proposed enhancements aim to further maximise the platform's impact, with the ultimate goal of integrating it seamlessly into Cyprus' educational system.

In summary, if DigiTrain platform joins Cyprus' school programme, it has the potential to bring a big change to education!

A heartfelt thanks to all participants in the pilot phase, including teachers, mentors, and students, for their unwavering dedication and contribution to this transformative initiative.

  • Teachers George Miltiadous and Elena Karamallaki
  • Mentors Andreas Xenophontos and Alexandros Gerontas
  • Students from Archbishop Makarios III VET School:
    • Ioannis Pentontzis
    • Marios Giorgallas
    • Savvas Hadjiantonis
    • Theodora Tarzan
    • Nectarios Xenophontos
    • Panayiota Filimonos
  • Students from the Hospitality department of Apeitio High School – Agros village
    • Alexandros Kaiafas
    • Maria Christodoulou
    • Ioanna Papacharalampous
    • Andreas Panayiotou
    • Anastasis Papagathokleous

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