Christos Stylianides' “poisoned” words that infuriated businessman John Christodoulou

Businessman John Christodoulou was left infuriated by controversial comments made by the Greek Cypriot Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of Greece, Christos Stylianides, who told the Hellenic Parliament that “half of Cyprus is Turkish”.

The comments have caused outrage both in Cyprus and in Greece, and sure did not go unnoticed by John Christodoulou who posted on X: “Allow me to tell you something, Mr Christos Stylianides: We need Cyprus to stay strong. I feel pity for you and for what you said. A man in your position and with your experience, should know better. Nobody should get bullied in this world. We do not accept getting bullied by the Turkish Government. God forbid. If we lose our beloved island – Cyprus, against whom do you think the Turks will come after next?”

He then wondered: “Are you working with us, or against us? Are there any hidden reasons why you speak like this? We need to know.”

Then, tagging Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he added: “Do you really want Greece to be represented by this person? The words that we heard from him, are poisoned.”

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