Petros Heracleous: Global events are impacting consumer preferences

Petros Heracleous, the new General Manager of ORB Marketing & Communications Boutique discusses how international events and new technology impact consumer preferences and, by extension, the advertising and marketing industry.

He also shares his goals as ORB's new General Manager and suggests what makes the company stand out as it marks over a decade since its establishment. Heracelous, in addition, reveals his thoughts on what new trends can we expect from the advertising sector in 2024.

Creativity is the core of the advertising and marketing industry. In the effort to overcome challenges brought by the pandemic and recent geopolitical events, it may be tempting to readjust advertising media first; What would the consequences of such actions be? How is brand awareness and connecting with consumers affected?

Numerous factors can influence consumer preferences, now more than ever, as a result of the rapid digital evolution and the ongoing geopolitical events across the globe; from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the conflicts in Gaza, to the shipping disruptions in the Red Sea. In these challenging times, advertising agencies must be able to react quickly and adjust their strategies based on new developments. For instance, a notable trend in recent years is the swift rise in consumers relying on social media as their primary source of information and entertainment. Consequently, advertising agencies have turned their attention to this medium in order to deliver their messages in a more direct and effective way. A brand’s connection with consumers is extremely important, as it serves to uphold or even strengthen the trust of consumers in that brand. In general, brands that approach media adjustments with a deep understanding of their consumers’ needs and develop a clear strategy, are more likely to experience positive outcomes in terms of brand perception and connection.

We are already living in the digital era. Do you witness any changes in the consumers’ preferences? What do you think a brand needs to do in order to be an integral element of success in the modern market?

Undoubtedly, consumer behavior is ever-changing rather than fixed. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the contemporary era due to the rapid technological developments and geopolitical realignments, which create long-term uncertainty. In such a complex environment, any brand aiming to not only sustain but also enhance its momentum, must comprehend the current trends in the market and be able to foresee changes and adapt its strategies according to the consumers’ preferences. After all, the principles guiding the brands’ sustainability and growth, are not very different from the rules that, according to Charles Darwin, control the survival and development of living creatures. In both cases, the key to thriving in a new environment lies in activating evolutionary adaptations. Clearly, any attempt to adapt to these new conditions has a much greater chance of success when it is based on solid foundations and values, which serve as the driving force for the future.

Petros Heracleous

ORB has completed 10 years of operation. What do you think is your strong suit, which has earned the trust of big company names from various of industries?

The core of our philosophy is our 360 marketing strategy and communication with our customers. This means that we are always open to new and innovative ideas, suggesting what is best for our customers, their brand as well as consumers in general. After all, the phrase “working hand in hand with the client”, is one of ORB’s fundamental values and a top priority. Since its establishment, ORB has aspired to be more than just an advertising agency; it tries to be a communication partner who stands by its customers, assisting them in overcoming challenges and progressing towards the future, while fostering sustainable growth, which is always based on solid foundations. Our goal is to offer high-quality services, which, combined with the creativity of our team, can lead to the development of activities that can stir emotions and build strong relationships between brands and consumers. Activities that will eventually pave the way for our customers to succeed and achieve their goals. In essence, ORB sees itself as an equal to its customers, as the company's growth is intrinsically linked to the growth of its customers.

How important is the ”team“ factor and what are your goals as ORB's new General Manager?

Advertising is all about the team. Regardless of an individual's expertise, if they don’t have the right team, they cannot truly excel personally, nor can the quality of the company's work reach its full potential. The contribution of every single member of our team to the success of a campaign is crucial, since the smooth cooperation between people with different backgrounds and experiences often creates the ideal combination to overcome any obstacles and be successful. Beyond the evident goal of ensuring the company’s continuous and sustainable development, one of my primary objectives as the new General Manager is the establishment of specific procedures to ensure the company’s smooth operation, while encouraging creativity and showcasing each individual’s talent.

What new trends can we expect from the advertising sector in 2024?

The advertising industry is directly affected by changes in society, the introduction of new technologies and the ever-evolving preferences of the public. Based on the available data, in 2024, we expect consumers to show greater interest in advertising that has a social and environmental impact. Moreover, we foresee an increased utilization of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, which ORB sees as another way to develop our own capabilities. Data Protection Regulations are also worth mentioning, as consumers express growing concerns about safeguarding their privacy. This heightened awareness may result in restrictions, impacting the personalization of advertisements. Finally, we may have to deal with a few unsettled factors, such as variation in public preferences due to cultural, social or political changes. To overcome these challenges, advertising companies must exhibit flexibility, creativity, and readiness to embrace innovative approaches. Our objective is to completely adapt to this dynamic advertising environment, ensuring constant success.

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