Gordian Servicing: Εffectively and efficiently managing a substantial portfolio of delinquent credit facilities

Gordian Servicing Limited, a Credit Servicer licensed by the Central Bank of Cyprus, is focused on effectively and efficiently managing a substantial portfolio of delinquent credit facilities.

Our primary goal is to promptly resolve non-performing facilities through the restructuring and settlement of borrowers’ obligations, as well as leveraging our robust sales channels to monetize real estate assets. With a proven track record in non-performing facilities management, Gordian employs an innovative infrastructure, comprising advanced technological platforms and experienced and talented personnel, including a robust sales network.

Compliance is of paramount importance for Gordian, as a credit servicer regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and a member of an international group with complex regulatory obligations. Embedded within the Company’s culture, the Compliance Department serves as a cornerstone of trust, ensuring that all interactions, both internal or external, adhere to the principles of transparency and fairness. Through diligent monitoring and analysis, the Department anticipates regulatory changes and swiftly implements necessary adjustments, ensuring that the Company remains not just compliant but also proactive in addressing emerging risks.

Gordian has invested heavily in human capital, technology and other resources in order to establish a robust Compliance Department which oversees the compliance of the organisation with its demanding regulatory requirements. The key pillars of Gordian’s Compliance Department are the following:

  • Fair Treatment of Borrowers – communicating and engaging with borrowers in a fair, transparent and consistent manner, aiming in reaching to amicable solutions where possible, ensuring that laws and regulations are always adhered to.
  • Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing –a robust control mechanism has been established which ensures that all transactions processed through Gordian fully adhere to all laws and regulations for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Data Protection – providing effective management of the data controlled and processed by the Company in accordance with relevant regulations and best market practices.
  • Corporate Governance – monitoring the application of appropriate governance practices across the Company in order to safeguard all stakeholders’ interests and adhere to the requirements of the supervisory authorities.
  • ESG Reporting – monitoring and reporting the progress on the ESG requirements set out by its stakeholders.
  • Engaging with Regulatory Authorities - guaranteeing optimal relations and productive cooperation between the Company and supervisory bodies.

The Compliance Department is not merely a watchdog but also a partner in progress. Collaborating seamlessly with other departments, it provides guidance and support, embedding compliance considerations into every aspect of the Company.

Adherence to regulations can be achieved only when everyone in the organisation has the same mentality. Therefore, the role of the Compliance Department in disseminating a culture of ethical decision-making and accountability is pivotal. Through comprehensive training programmes and ongoing communication, it empowers every employee to become a steward of compliance, fostering a collective responsibility towards upholding our standards of integrity.

In essence, the Compliance Department is not merely a department; it is a critical function for the Company’s success. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to doing business the right way, treating every stakeholder with respect, offering fair treatment to borrowers, a unique experience and services to buyers of properties and commitment to delivering high returns to various owners.

Michalis Mylonas, Head of Risk & Compliance, Gordian Servicing Limited


Address: 4 Evagorou Street | 2121, Nicosia

Tel: +357 8000 4321 | Website: gordianservicing.com

(This Special Feature first appeared in the February edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.)

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