What it’s like to work at Murex Nicosia

“Our commitment to professional development isn’t just a motto we believe in. What truly sets us apart is the depth of expertise we have and the collaborative spirit that defines our work culture. From the very beginning, our approach is to cultivate a learning environment that allows our employees to thrive and progress,” says Maya Mustapha, Senior HR Operations & Solutions, at Murex Nicosia.

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The company was established in June 2021. Together, its Beirut and Nicosia offices are referred to as the ‘Beirut Centre’, at the heart of the MEA region and an essential innovation site for Murex. The company has been designing, building and implementing software to power the world’s financial markets since 1986. “Our innovative and award-winning MX.3 platform provides integrated front-to-back-to-risk software solutions for 65% of the world’s top 100 financial institutions to help them manage their trading, risk and treasury activities,” Mustapha explains. “Our 19 offices are supported today by over 2,700 dedicated Murexians around the world; in Beirut Centre we now number over 1,000 Murexians. We have always aimed to be at the forefront: innovating, pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas on how to continue to change the game for technology in capital markets.”

Given that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, full-time jobs and employers inevitably affect a person’s development and mental health, which can either help or hinder performance. Thankfully, Murex proclaims that it is more than just a workplace. “It’s a global and multicultural environment where diversity thrives, authenticity is embraced, and teamwork and collaboration are celebrated.” Employee wellbeing has always been an important aspect of the company’s philosophy, she notes. With the help of an occupational health specialist, Murex has designed its own holistic wellbeing programme to support its people’s physical and mental health.

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“Every day at Murex, we pay close attention to shifting expectations and working conditions and adapt accordingly. Whether it’s flexibility in schedules, teleworking from home two days per week or the opportunity to work from abroad, we offer our employees several work arrangements to help them balance their work responsibilities and personal obligations. In addition to our flexibility plans, we offer a top-of-the-class compensation and benefits package that is regularly benchmarked against the market and adapted to remain competitive,” Mustapha explains.

At Murex, no two employees are the same: individuality is respected and celebrated. Murex accompanies its employees on their tailored corporate journeys, providing specific trainings to help them better understand the industry and to have an impact through various roles and projects. “Our experts share insights and guidance, equipping employees with the technical skills and strategic knowledge necessary in the fast-evolving world of banking and finance,” says Maya Mustapha. “Our people have access to a dedicated platform, a catalogue, shadowing and peer-to-peer learning. External events and conferences, such as Devoxx, Newscrafts, CPPCON, and XP Days, are also opportunities that we offer our teams to expand their skills.”

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Every quarter, Murex conducts an employee engagement survey that serves as a crucial feedback tool and provides managers with insights to assess the impact of changes on a global, local and team level. The survey is not just about the numbers; it’s a tool that allows people to be heard. “Since we started conducting it, we have had an average global engagement score of 8.2/10. Managers use the feedback to hold sessions on highlighted topics and work collaboratively with their teams to drive tangle improvements,” Mustapha explains.

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Her words reflect the corporate attitude of Murex – everything is possible when people feel secure, respected and trusted. “The entire world is our playground, whereby 2,700 people of 65+ nationalities collaborate across five continents and enjoy the possibility of international mobility,” she tells GOLD. “We seamlessly assist each other across projects, fostering a culture where trust isn’t just talked about but is the foundation of our success.”

(Photos by Michalis Kyprianou)

This interview first appeared in the January edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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