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The recent storm in Limassol, as recorded by CUT’s Eratosthenes Centre

The storm that occurred in Limassol in the early hours of 14 February was recorded by the Atmospheric Remote Sensing Station of the Cyprus University of Technology’s Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence.

The storm took place between the hours of 02.30-03.30am.

The Station recorded a rainfall rate of up to 90mm/h, with more than 300 rain and hail particles occurring within 30 seconds.

The wind speed reached up to 70km/h, indicative of the average speed of tornadoes.


The Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence was created in 2022, based in Limassol, and provides the highest quality Space, Earth Observation and Geoinformatics services at a National, Regional, European and International level.


Its goal is to become a Digital Innovation Hub and a Centre of Research Excellence, combining infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge research, targeted educational services and entrepreneurship actions.


The Centre deals with the use of remote sensing and Earth observation data in various fields, such as atmosphere and climate, agriculture and water resources management, resilient societies to floods, fires, landslides, etc.


(Source: InBusinessNews)

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